Monday, December 30, 2013

hi hi happy day number 209. what a LONG week. vajbkohbiiouhcad. seriously never thought it would end. I am so exhausted.

Welp, to start off, I AM GETTING TRANSFERRED. After 4 transfers here in Columbus I am hanging up my hat and heading somewhere north! Probably and most likely to the South Bend area by Notre Dame. How cold.

So, because I can't even BEGIN to think of everything that happened these past two weeks (because I was too lazy to write last week... haha), I am gonna do a really bad list of what happened with asteriks, mhmk?

*Had an outdoor pizza and wing night with Karina outside in the cold rain because we didn't have another male....

*Karina's baptism! It all went just swimming and she was balling and everyone was balling and it was all great. I was so full of joy. Karina was an amazing investigator and she is just so special in my heart. Except for that when she got in the font, the water was freezing cold and she wanted out ASAP, lol. Yay for absolutely murdering the Spirit with cold water. yay us!

*The 18 Spanish Elders all sang Feliz Navidad at the Mission Conference and everyone wished they were us. Totally awesome.

*Facetime'd the loved ones. So nice. :)

*Got a sweater from Karina and a tie from Arturo y Ana. :)

* Spent lots of time with Karina and Arturo y Ana for Christmas and Noche Buena. 
 ^ Yes I only talk about them I know, but like, they are the greatest. 

*I like totally hate bicycling. 

OTHER THAN THAT, life is good. It's really tiring but the fruits of the labor makes it all worth it!

The district
Missionary Christmas at 6am 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

5 months!

day 195 & 5 month field mark. whoot.
I just saw HOW LAME my weekly letter was last week. LOL. I feel bad how pathetic it was.... But some weeks just literally nothing happens. This week was a lot of the same as always. Life just isn't too exciting haha, but it's life!

*Monday was preparation day, shocker. We didn't really do much because everyone is reallllly slow so we like played sports for an hour and ya. 

*Had dinner with Arturo y Ana on Monday night for Luis 12th birthday! :) I think we ate Tamales.... NO WAIT, we ate Tostadas! They were delicious as always.

*Tuesday was exchanges and district meeting. Stayed in Spanish w/ Elder Bingham and we walked for like 6 hours. BOOOOOO. Then had Guatemalan Hen Soup for dinner. Pretty crazy huh?

*Another exchange because Elder Barrio had a district leader meeting in Fishers. I was with Elder Christensen and he received his Visa for New Zealand during our exchange! He left this morning for there!

*Karina did great in her baptism interview and is all set for this Saturday :) We went with her and her husband to IHOP for lunch :P 

*We have started to teach Arturo's sister, Dulce and she is so awesome. I have known her since I got her in July but we just now have started teaching. FOUND OUT WE GET TO SKYPE ON CHRISTMAS THIS DAY * * * !

*Went to watch a little kid in our Branch play basketball at the First Christian Church Gym haha.

*Had the 4 hour branch christmas party. Hahahah. It was just a bunch of dancing and eating and fun. Our branch is wild, I love it!

Other than all that ^, nothing else has really happened. Sorry I am not exciting!


Monday, December 9, 2013

Okayyyyy so this week was pretty cold homies. 8 inches of snow on.... Friday. Ya. It didn't stop for 10 hours. Ummm, not much else. That was my week. Well not really, but practically. Let's see what happened:

*Happy 17th Birthday to my little brother Scotty!

*I've been sick all week!

*Zone Preparation Day in Franklin. Played sports in a really small gym. Chill.

*Had Tamales at Arturo y Ana w/ Pellegrinos.

*Visited Cris y Norma and played in the snow with their son Iker :)

*Went over Baptism Questions w/ Karina.

*Did lots of attempts to find.

Sorry this is so boring! The work has slow down so much, but it's helping me grow which is nice. Christmas spirit!!!
Creed (a friend from BYU) at the turkey bowl
Turkey bowl 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Another week. Man it's day 171. Thursday is 6 months. Wow, like... wow. Words can't describe how fast it's gone. It feels slow but in reflection, wow.

Thanksgiving was nice. At around 1 we had to travel up to Indy with President Nehring and visit one of our members who is SUPER sick in the hospital. Lupus & Bacterial Meningitis with a depleted immune system due to Rheumatoid Arthritis, it was so weird for me. His wife there and his 3 daughters, all young. So weird. Reminded me so much of my dad.

I honestly only have like 5 minutes this week to write this, so sorry. LOL ok it just gave me another half hour as I typed that..... IT KNOWS.

As my mission goes on I get less motivated to write a big letter each letter, it's just all in my mind and journal. The true experiences of my time here are things that are felt and seen that can't be described. 

So just some highlights (if you want any specifics on things, please go ahead and email or write me a letter :P Missionaries LOVE letters!!!)

*Thursday we went to the Turkey Bowl and it was so fun, especially my interception! :D And get this, I saw a friend from BYU (Creed Orme) at the Turkey Bowl! He has family in Columbus that he was visiting! It was so bizarre. I felt like I was out of missionary body! I have pictures but I forgot my camera today SORRY MOM AND LAUREN!!! 

*Arturo took us to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings :D

*Had Thanksgiving at our house with the Nehrings. :)

*Visited Cris and Norma in Greenwood which is about an hour away and always fun! :)

*It's officially the most wonderful time of the year! I love seeing all the Christmas coming out!!!

*Karina is still going awesome. She is so much fun and I just love teaching her and I love how much you can see the Gospel blessing her.

*Break The Fast was yesterday and we went up with Arturo y Ana and the family and it was good. Love our members here. 

Sorry it's not too exciting, we only have 1 investigator. We are really really struggling to find, but we are hopeful. The highlights I gave truly are everything from this week. Lots of pictures next week I promise! 

Thank you all for everything. :)

No puedo decir todas las cosas que yo quiero decir! Mi corazon esta lleno de amor por todo del apoyo que he recibido! Disfrute este tiempo con su familia y por favor enfocan su tiempo en las cosas que son importantes. Les extrano muchisimo! Yo quiero que sean felices. 

Elder Groseclose