Monday, September 29, 2014

September 22, 2014

Another week in the books and I feel like pictures tell a better story than words so I am always just tempted to only send you pictures....

SO last Monday was as it always is, Preparation Day. Nothing special. Then in the night and for Tuesday I went on exchanges with Elder Markward to his area (my old area!) and it was so nice to be back!

We had dinner with Roman and Mercedes and taught a super smart nine year old named Ian. As we left his house though I was attacked (as usually happens to me) by his dog who ate a hole into my pants. Lucky lucky me!

Tuesday we had district meeting and went to our favorite chinese buffet after. I pretty much got to just lead the area for the exchange though because Markward is new to it. We were able to go by and pick back up like 6 investigators that were lost in the time since I left the area. If anyone remembers me talking about Luisa, Tracy, and Hecyeni, we were able to go visit them and they are super solid and ready again! Luisa just had her baby so she won't be sick all the time anymore and so I think she is ready to make all the necessary steps so that was really exciting for me to see. :)

Wednesday was SO MUCH FUN! We spent the entire day at an elementary school (from 12-9) translating parent teacher conferences! It was awesome for me because I want to be a teacher so I got a peek into my future and it was also awesome being able to use my Spanish to serve others! We also met one of the teachers there who is from Puerto Rico. She is a member of the church but has been inactive for a long time. We talked to her for a while and then at the end of the night she asked for a blessing for the strength to do what she needs to do in her life. It was a super special experience and she came to church on Sunday with one of her co-workers (super cool chick!) and then last night sent us a long text thanking us and she says she is ready to return to church even though it'll be hard. I feel so blessed and honored to have been there to help her that day at service and help one of God's beloved lost sheep return to the fold. It's so special and I can't describe the love I feel!

Thursday...... ummmmm I really don't remember Thursday at all. OH WAIT. Ok so we went out to lunch at some chinese place and afterwards we had planned to knock the nearby streets. Well as we get to the street to start knocking, this white guy approaches us and invites us with a flier to his church's party that weekend and then continues on. We notice that he was also knocking doors to invite people and he has two other friends on the other side of the street doing it too. So there we were, my companion and I, going and knocking the same houses as the people and every time we saw a hispanic we would run to the door and talk to them because they didn't speak Spanish haha. It was really funny as we would try to stay ahead of them so we could knock first but then we'd teach a lesson and they'd pass us and it was just back and forth hilariousness! 


Ate dinner at the Orellana's and we made the dumb decision to ate some Chile De Arbol that they had growing in their backyard and that just ended with lots of popsicles, glasses of water, and spraying our mouths with the hose! Hot man, spicy. Had a super sick lesson with Catarina! We had decided we wanted to talk with her about life after death. The lesson was just going normal until she broke down and asked a question. She is Catholic and about 30 years ago a grandchild of  hers died around 3 weeks or so without being baptized into the Catholic church. She had lived the last 30 years with remorse, believing that her grandchild would be damned and condemned for not being baptized. She asked us what we believed. I immediately opened up to Moroni 8 and taught her what a baptismal covenant is and that babies can't make that covenant because they are not able to repent nor sin. We talked about how children are saved in Christ. It was very powerful and she was bawling crying and told us thank you many times and that we had relieved 30 years of guilt and pain. Super powerful. 

Saturday......Went to a Hispanic Festival downtown and it was SICK!!! We saw a member's son there that goes to the English ward and he gave us twenty bucks for food! I also won a trivia game in Spanish so I won a McDonald's gift card that was in Spanish and some sunglasses from McDonalds that say "Me Encanta". It was super fun! We then went out and worked and taught some lessons before we had the branch cultural night! It was full of food and dancing and singing and super fun! Loved it!

Sunday was a normal Sunday! :D

Love you all. Not that I am counting down or want to be home already, because I truly don't think I'd be able to handle the real world again yet, but I have less than 8 months left now. It's crazy, it's insane! Talk to y'all soon!

Elder Groseclose
Roman y Mercedes :)))
White River Spanish Branch!
Hna Morales reminds me sooooo much of my mom!
Me in True Mexican Form
Una Mangonada!!!
Love the members!!!
Love the Laras!
The Lifeskills class sent me a flat stanley!
Such a cool story these two.... Love them. Isamari and Hna Kim Lyons.

September 15, 2014

Got arrested! 
Sister Cleveland gave me a cookie (funny story:) )
winter is coming!
working special olympics!
When I won my medal I cried

September 29, 2014

My mom sent me an email this week saying that she has a countdown started, 232 days to go. HA. That’s a lot of days so I am not even worried about it. My mom is trunkier than I am!


Aight, lemme go through some recaps of another crazy week (not actually that crazy).


Monday night after Preparation Day we listed out some Hispanics and where they lived using a street atlas (too complicated for me to explain through typing). We then had dinner after in the mall at Chick-Fil-A, first time I have eaten there in a long time!!!


Tuesday we taught a woman named Angelica. Not very sure if she will make changes and keep commitments but as of now she is nice and willing to listen. We also taught Josefina about the importance of authority but she still continues with the same doubts but I have a lot of hope! That night we went bowling with the Young Men and then Maricela gave me a nice haircut in preparation for….


Wednesday because a member of the Seventy came. His name is Elder Perkins. He gave super good trainings and they were really applicable to us.

Something cool she showed us is how much God exhorts us to PRAY. “Knock and it shall be opened unto you” is found over 70 times in the scriptures! He also told us that when you become a 70 you get the chance to sit in with an apostle who is assigning missionaries to their missions. He says he was with Hales and watched him do it. He said he wanted a testimony that it was inspired so he prayed that God would help him now and he had the feeling that he needed to start saying missions in his head when a picture came up and see if it matched what Hales would say. He said the first picture came up and he thought “Lubbock Texas Spanish” and Hales immediately said it. He said that he was in perfect sync in his head with what Hales would say; he would think of a mission and then moments later Hales would say it. Super super cool! President Cleveland also talked about the importance of growing “Talent is never enough to be great.” Made me think of the quote “There is no growth in the comfort zone, and there is no comfort in the growing zone.” Growing and changing takes work and it’s hard! Then one of the sisters in the mission said “Yes, the Gospel blesses families, but for me, the Gospel gave me a family.” Super sweet as she goes home at the end of the transfer! After the conference we went by Target because they actually have one up in the city we were in and got some goodies! We then taught Maria and also Gustavo. Kinda funny, it’s always hard to get Gustavo to let us teach him because he is busy or tired so on Wednesday when we were about to go by, there was a fight at the gas station on his street and people were peeling out of the parking lot screaming and it was crazy so then when we knocked Gustavo’s door I told him that I was scared and I wanted to come inside to be safe and so he let us in. Hahaha.


Thursday was kinda lame. We taught Josefina again and also a new woman named Sofia who is family of this guy we taught before named Francisco. Francisco says he wants to come to church to find a wife hahaha (he is 70). Sometimes when we go over he says “teach me fast because I got a date with my girlfriend”, I am convinced he is a little delusional!


Friday! Found a new woman named Yahir. She is super cool and I think she has a lot of potential so hopefully she rises up to it! We also taught Adolfo. He’s kinda going downhill. He is always drunk so he never remembers what we teach him. Taught Catarina and brought Marta with us for the lesson. Catarina and Marta have come to be great friends, now we just need Catarina to come to church! Catarina received an answer in a dream and told us about it, but for some reason she just doesn’t recognize it as her answer….. After the lesson Marta took us out to dinner and so that was really sweet of her :D She also said something SO funny at dinner that I am not gonna put in the letter but I am writing this so when I read this in a year I will be able to remember. HAHAHAHA.


Saturday was the baptism of little Ethan man. It was good. It was also another 9 year olds baptism and they had to do it FOUR TIMES!!! The first time his head didn’t go all the way under and times 2 and 3 his foot popped out of the water. Haha. Good memory. After the baptism we went to Roman y Mercedes for her birthday and had Agua de Pina, Lamb Barbacoa, and chicken. So yummy :D :D :D


Sunday was fun! No investigators came but we had dinner with the Fernandez after and so he took pictures of us and so maybe this week they’ll be showing up on my Facebook wall!


Have a great week!!!

Elder Groseclose
Ethan's Baptism ;D
Bowling with Young Men
Downtown :D

September 8, 2014

Not enough happened this week for a weekly update so I will just share a few things;
Catarina came to church!
I had lots and lots and lots of dinners this week!
Got transfer calls......... we are staying together because I am still training him obviously lol.
Good stuff! 
I love it here in the City, going on 8 months in this branch. Wouldn't have it any other way, cheers!
Elder Jeff Groseclose

BTW: Not my baptism but I taught them and we are close. Love Cynthia y Rafael!!!

September 2, 2014

ADDRESS CHANGE (everyone please send me their address BTW I wanna write everyyyyyone):

Ok let's see...... I am ridiculously sore this week and my neck is kiiiiilling me, but life goes on! Not a really exciting week in the slightest. Too be honest it was just really disappointing.

Interesting thing we learned at Zone Conference: Our mission has the second largest fleet of cars in USA & Canada and we are one of only two missions in the Continent to stay within our mileage limits. Haha.

So last week on Monday we obviously had preparation day and afterwards we had a lesson with Catarina. We somehow ended up on bikes even though it was our car day so we biked over to her house and it started to POUR rain so they gave us garbage bags to wear home..... haha.

Tuesday was.... MY SISTER'S BIRTHDAY. Happy Birthday Lolo!
We moved.... again. And we moved on bike so like don't even get me started lol. We pretty much just spent our whole day on Josefina's street. Taught her twice and then her daughter too and the daughter's BF. Got to watch the Restoration movie twice. Fun stuff. Then taught my Puerto Rican friend Gerardo and some other random woman who prolly had no interest. ha.

Wednesday was chill. We biked around in the morning and found this white woman and taught her. She is an ex-JDub and is a little confused. She swears that the Book of Mormon and the story of Lehi are in the Bible and everything she was like "Yeah, I remember that! Lehi was the only one to listen and so he lived!" and then was like "Yes yes, I knew about Lamanites but forgot about the Nephites" and other random stuff haha. Then we asked her to pray and she jumped super high saying I surprised her by asking her (???) and then to pray she said "Jehovah..... if we may approach at this time through Jesus......." and then waited a good ten seconds for God to give her permission to speak (???). Interesting lesson.
We also found a cool Catracho to teach (guy from Honduras). Hopefully he has potential down the line. We also went with a bunch of other missionaries out to eat Mexican food lol.

Thursday was Zone Conference and that took the entire day except for that we did have time to go by and see Josefina and teach them something and hang out. Ooooh, we ate with Marta (member).

Friday I don't remember anything from the morning except that, oh yeah I felt sick. Ya the morning was lame. We then eventually had our lesson with my boy Adolfo. He is always drunk so we get the same questions...... every time..... We then went by Marta's house so she could follow us to a lesson with Catarina and the other Elders gave her a message and she goes off on a love speech about Jesus and then at the end starts kissing her hands and points to the sky and goes "I LOVE YOU JESUS!!!!" haha. Also, my companion is very quiet and so she just randomly turns to him during dinner and says "Y TU CUANDO HABLAS?" bahahahaha. We all started dying and he just stared at her and didn't say a word lol. She then came with us to the lesson and she and Catarina are Paisanas so they hit it off great and so this Sunday Marta is going to bring Catarina to church :)

Saturday was the other Elder's baptism of Maria. It was nice and afterwards we went to her house for Pozole y Tres Leches! Mmmmm que rico! The night is not memorable. Ha. 

Sunday was church and no one came (of our investigators -_- ). Had dinner with........... the Garcia family! That's always fun :)

Monday we couldn't email for Labor Day so that's why I am today. We went to the mall and it was fun even though I spent no money haha. Like 20 missionaries all went to the massage chair store and hung out there for our free massages for an hour and we all left so happy. Haha!

That's my week, love you all! Talk to you in a few! :)

raining..... So our investigator gave us a garbage bag lol