Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Another one down. Time just keeps going fast then slow then fast then slow then fast then slow. Zzzzzz. It's a crazy life.

We had a snow storm. It wasn't THAT bad, but for Indiana it was THAT bad. It set a record for most snowfall in February in Indiana. Church was cancelled and our cars were grounded and so we did NOTHING on Sunday. Well, actually, Weese and I cleaned our house. 4 hours later it was A NEW WORLD inside our house.

In other good news, we are now teaching Hermana Romero's non-member daughter Noheli. We have always been friends with her but now we finally get to teach her! I believe she is like 22 (?) years old. Somewhere around there. She is super cool and I hope she continues to progress. She's sick. On Saturday we went to the restaurant she works at and ate free (BAM!) She loves us. I know it ;)

Tuesday we taught my homegirl Emma. She's so sweet man. We also taught her Saturday.

On Tuesday we had a mini Zone Conference and President talked about "the legacy" that all of us leaving in the next 6 months is going to leave behind. It was pretty crazy to be a part of that group and to see back through his slideshow of how much the mission and WE have changed. Sentimental stuff yo. Afterwards, President took us all out to eat at Hibachi and like 400 dollars later we were all full and happy.

My English class is still bumpin' with all my homies. It's nice it's nice.

Helped our LA Daniela do job applications and fill out a tax form. I DON'T EVEN KNOW TAX LINGO IN ENGLISH LET ALONE SPANISH. Had to try to explain to here "Claiming exemptions" or something like that. I didn't even understand it in English so hopefully we didn't screw her over or something...........

My boy Luis is doing just peachy.

Belen got some really creepy clowns and put them around her house and I FLIPPED.... and so they were gone the next time I went. HAHA. 

President took us to a lesson and then proceeded to take us to 2 more BECAUSE WHY NOT JUST DRIVE AROUND GETTING MEMBER PRESENT LESSONS? Hahaha. It was chill. He fell asleep in all 3 lessons. HA.

Taught other uneventful lessons. Passsssss.

Went to Michigan, South Bend, and Notre Dame on Saturday so I could see old friends. BUT LIKE NO ONE WAS AVAILABLE. Except Ichy. Then ate there in Mishawaka (by SB) with the Diaz Family. Those dinners are ALWAYS hilarious. Superbowl? For Hispanics? SUPERTAZON. Beautiful.

That's PRETTY MUCH THE WEEK. Next time I write y'all I will have less than 100 days to go. Whooooops. :)

Elder Jeff Groseclose
taking president to a lesson...
drawing what we are thankful for.
notre dame & michigan
Junior Ichy and Ivan from my days in South Bend

January 26, 2015

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. This week was crazy fast after the eternally long week I had to deal with before. SMALL MERCIES.
Monday emails now include making arrangements for college and all that jazz. It's weird. My bubble is gonna pop one day! AH.

I am really REALLY too lazy to even type a weekly letter so I am going to do that really lame highlight thing I do because I REALLY prefer it that way. :)

> Shoutout to Diana and Xavier for buying us Arbys for dinner on Monday. It was delicious and tasted even better knowing I didn't have to pay for that overpriced fast food.

> English Classes were dope this week. I am teaching the advanced class and I love it. I love teaching grammar and it's really cool how much I am learning about MY own language as I teach it to others. I pray that we will see some success out of this class, that SOMEONE will come into the fold of God! 

> We taught Henry, but to be honest, I don't think he is very interested. He hates the idea of commandments. I mean, we will keep trying, but it's hard.

> WE GOT TWO NEW MEMBERS FROM EL SALVADOR. Such a miracle. They are 13 and 16 years old. Girls. They came here to live with their NON MEMBER MOTHER #goldmine. We took them to see the church and then taught the mom who has some doubts but they are super shallow and will go away. Best part is that we found them from an investigator, Emma.

> Had a 12 year old BEG us to baptize him, and the parents were like "Yeah, he needs to be baptized." and I had to tell them "Ummmm well so do you...." lol it was interesting. They didn't come to church but they have potential. SO we shall hope.

> The Romeros are still my best friends ever.

> Had Yaretzi's birthday party and I got to meet Elsa!!!

> Hector, Francisco, and Belinda's son and husband were at church.

> It is freaking COLD COLD COLD. But it's okay, I have a lot of clothes. Ha.

It's just the normal grind everyone. It just keeps going. One day it will run out and I will be sad so I am enjoying it while it lasts. LOVE YOU ALL.

Elder Jeffrey Aaron Groseclose
Yaretzi is 2!
hahaha the cake broke
Hector! My man!
finally met elsa!