Monday, April 28, 2014

Last weeks email was HUGE so I don't feel bad that this one will be super short.
I would like to start off by saying, I AM GOING TO KENTUCKY! This Wednesday we are going to the temple in Louisville and we are stoked! It is gonna be amazing!
This week we made contact with Hilda and also Luisa again so that's good promise for this week. Other than that, I didn't teach any investigators this week! It was pretty slow week of work so I really have nothing to tell.
Easter was fun, Norma and Cris (first convert from Columbus [Norma]) came here for Easter sunday service and it was nice. Spent the day with Cumberland Elders and we went to Maria de Los Angeles like we usually do!
It is heating up here! Today is in the 70's and it's supposed to rain tonight and then the HEAT comes!
Hope you all enjoy the pictures I sent (if you can go on blogs, sorry missionaries that read this!)
Love you all !

Elder Groseclose
Got bite by a dog again. 
Norma and Cris from Colombus visiting! 

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