Monday, April 27, 2015

April 27, 2015

Another week of people disappointing us!

We are teaching people but they always flake out on Sunday! So it's kinda lame.

Got 100 pesos from the Dominican Republic.

Enjoying myself! I love what I am doing but it's ending at the right time because it is hard to not get super frustrated with people when they just don't understand!

This morning we helped a member translating at State Tax Court haha. That was fun.

Knocked a door and this Hispanic lady asked who we were and I said missionaries and she said No Thank You so we knock across the hall and we hear behind door we just knocked earlier "Why didn't you answer?" "Well what if they had a pistol?!"

We are walking downtown and a woman yells "Don't give money to the man in the wheelchair, I have seen him walking!!!!!"

So that's pretty much it. 22 days guys!!! It is so soooooon!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 20, 2015

Ok don't hurt me but I am way too lazy for a weekly letter. Vanessa was at church and we are just chugging along. No one super important to report on. Investigators are the same, up and down and hopefully sometime soon, baptized. :)

I am having a ball and working hard, I just really don't have the desire to write a lot.

I love you all so much! :)

Elder Jeffrey Aaron Groseclose
Arturo and Ana from Columbus took me to dinner!!!
Vanessa and Giovanni !

April 13, 2015

36 days to go. How in the world did that number get so small. It is UNREAL. It still feels JUST out of reach, but I know it'll be here fast. Just a lot of reflection, it's weird yo. This week was so lame. It was transfers. We went but neither of us got transferred. I just wanted to go because it was my last one. That sentimental jazz. 

David is doing good. Didn't come to church though because he was feeling lazy. Annoying. 

Everyone else is flaky.

I hope my mom isn't mad this letter is short...... 

Mom, can you set me up for lipo because I got WAY too many tortillas that need to be removed... haha.

Anyways, life is chill. Just keeping on.

Love y'all.

Elder Jeffrey Aaron Groseclose
classy house so we pulled out the water.
i won.
shoutout from the hood.
love her.
reunited and it feels so good. 
hispanic television in one picture.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April 6, 2015

Giants Opening Day today! LEGGO.
Indianapolis has been CRAAAAAAAAAAAZY with the Final 4 being here. Legitimately insane. I love it. I LOVE IT. 
Today starts my final transfer.... So that's weird. 43 days to go. I cannot believe how minuscule that number is. It doesn't feel real.
Not much for this week, SORRY. David is doing good. :)
General Conference was great. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
That family with cute kids I always send pics with? Yeah, stuff happened and they are now in Kentucky. Moved. I am heartbroken but I'll keep in touch. Life man. LIFE.

I will now give you pictures and apologize for this letter.
Got to see Josefina from my old area!
Made dinner. I am pro.

March 30, 2015


What a SICK week.

First off, I registered for my BYU classes today. That was weird. 14.5 credits here we gooooo. Mom told me my itinerary of when I get home. 2:54 PM May 19th. Holla.

Some memorable quotes this week ---->
Giovanni is 7 and we ask him if he knows who ADAM and EVE are and he says "Avril Lavinge?" Which leads to him now believing that our first parent was Avril Lavinge. Cool.... 

"What you been up to Jorge?" "Just looking for a white girl man, I love white girls." Bahaha.

Our investigator Jesus still wants to know whether Adam and Eve would have eaten the serpent if they were Chinese. IT BAFFLES HIM.

*insert miracle here*
ALRIGHT SO, hopefully I explain this all well.
The Hernandez family has us over for dinner on Fridays. Every time we went for the first 3 weeks of the transfer, an 18 year old named David was there. David is good friends with the Hernandez' less active son Chino. Well, lately Chino has been struggling and so Hna. Hernandez told us to visit him and teach him and help him. SO, Wednesday morning I shoot a text to Chino and ask him if we can come over. He says Yes and then I say "Hey, you should invite David over too and tell him we want to teach him." Chino tells me that David doesn't have a working cell phone so he couldn't contact him and that David "probably wouldn't even be interested anyways." So I am like Ok Whatever and leave it at that. 10 minutes later we get a text from Chino, "David says come at 3." I am all confused on what just happened but stoked about it nonetheless. Show up to Chino's house and we teach him and it's a sick lesson and then we switch over for David's lesson and OH MAN THIS GETS GOOD.....
We are teaching the Restoration and David says so many golden things that my HEAD HURT. Lemme put some
"This all makes sense."
"Last year I wouldn't have wanted this. I knew about this church but I didn't want it. I didn't care about any of it. But now I WANT IT."
"Every state I move to, I have a mormon friend. God is trying to tell me something."
"Hey guys, I just had a realization. God gives us trials and obstacles so that we can exercise our faith."
"I want to be baptized."
"Last night, I prayed for the first time. Then today I woke up and felt like I needed to come over here to Chino's house. Then he told me you wanted to teach me. I was excited."

Chino testified like a BOSS to David and needless to say, David is on a baptismal date for MAY 9TH and came to church yesterday. AHHHHH :)

My cousin came and took me to diner at PF Changs! It was nice and so sweet of her. :) Super fun!

Saturday we had the Easter party and it was fun! I suck at pinatas.....

LOVE YOU ALL. Talk to you soon!

Elder Jeff Groseclose
got the trunky letter....
Dinner with my cousin!
my boy <3