Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 13, 2015

36 days to go. How in the world did that number get so small. It is UNREAL. It still feels JUST out of reach, but I know it'll be here fast. Just a lot of reflection, it's weird yo. This week was so lame. It was transfers. We went but neither of us got transferred. I just wanted to go because it was my last one. That sentimental jazz. 

David is doing good. Didn't come to church though because he was feeling lazy. Annoying. 

Everyone else is flaky.

I hope my mom isn't mad this letter is short...... 

Mom, can you set me up for lipo because I got WAY too many tortillas that need to be removed... haha.

Anyways, life is chill. Just keeping on.

Love y'all.

Elder Jeffrey Aaron Groseclose
classy house so we pulled out the water.
i won.
shoutout from the hood.
love her.
reunited and it feels so good. 
hispanic television in one picture.

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