Monday, April 28, 2014

Here we GOOOOO:

So, this week is more about single events that happened then by the days. So, I am just going to format it like that, not by days.

To be honest I wish I could just type this all in Spanish to make it easier but I guess I will save you all from the pain of trying to read what a translator would butcher it to say....

Let me also say that so much other funny stuff happens that I just don't send home in my emails because I don't want to offend anyone if they happen to somehow see it..... But just KNOW that my life in Indiana is hilarious. These HOOSIERS are CRAZY! Hahah.
Oh, go PACERS by the way!

SO, last monday was Elder Thurston's birthday and so we went to Roman y Mercedes for dinner and we had Chorizo which pretty much means I was HAPPY. One quote we heard while watching a Mormon Message really stuck out to me. It's one that I had heard a lot of times but it was just more meaningful that time. "Nunca estamos solos cuando estamos con nuestro Padre Celestial." Y'all can stick that in a translator if you want. ha.

Now we will start into random things that happened:

First a HILARIOUS joke that's in Spanish. So if you don't speak spanish it probably won't be too funny to you. "Que le dijo la burra a su bebe" "HIIIIII-JA" (if you say Hija like a donkey sound it is HILARIOUS!)
I also enjoy: "Que es el peor vino en el mundo?" "Vino mi suegra!" Haha, I personally can't relate, but I still know a funny joke when I see one! Share these jokes with spanish speakers and they will think you are a riot!!!

On Tuesday we were tracting La Esmeralda apartments and we knock in this white family so we just ask them if they happen to know any hispanics that live nearby and they tell us not really so we just thank them and continue on our way. Like 30 seconds later though this little girl comes running out (maybe like 8 or 9 years old) saying that she can help us out. So we proceed to follow her as she shows us all these houses where hispanics live and then just stands with us as we knock them (lol). As we are knocking one, they aren't answering and the girl tells us that she knows they are home. She says "I will be right back" and she goes around back and goes into their back door and makes them answer, HAHA!!! So we got to talk to that family and they were like medium interested.... We will see....

Went to Kentucky! It was awesome. We went to the temple and it was SO nice. It was a much needed break from everything that can be stressful. I thoroughly look forward to when I can go back in 6 months!

Had dinner with the Oscorrimas who are from Peru and it was just a super good night!

We FINALLY taught Luisa again and it was an awesome lesson! She is back on track and still super interested and just really understands everything. Excited for that!

Taught Hilda with Roman y Mercedes and it's just at a slow and steady pace with her.

Saturday we were walking to our lunch appointment and we were gonna be late and the woman we were meeting wasn't answering her phone so I thought she would just leave thinking we weren't coming so I said a mini prayer that we would find a way to get there faster and out of nowhere, one of our former investigators Fredi turns the corner and gives us a ride in his car!

While at aforementioned lunch, this black man tries to fight the waitress and China Buffet and throws all his food at her and then stuffs a bunch in a bag so he can steal it and as he is leaving the waitress lunges at him and yanks the bag away and saves the food and he flees.... LOL. She didn't speak good English but as she is walking around and all the people eating at the restaurant are telling her they are sorry she had to deal with it she is yelling "HE HAVE TOO MUCH DRUNK!!!" lol

So we were going to a wedding with our Branch President and we get to the address and this white guy answers (we were looking for a hispanic wedding) and I am like "Hey so we are looking for a wedding....?" Hahahah, wrong door needless to say. 

When we finally did find the wedding, Hno. Herrera was doing the ceremony and after, when the couple was doing pictures, he was just standing around awkwardly and the couple was doing this picture with there hands intertwined on the marriage certificate and he awkwardly like shoves the pen between there fingers for something "artistic" and they were just so confused lol.

Yesterday was just another great Sunday and we had lunch with Maria de Los Angeles and a bunch of other people.

SO YA, that's my week. Pretty weird stuff. Enjoy it.

I love chrizo! 
Louisville Kentucky temple W/ Elder Markward, Paxman, Thurston and President Coffin
Louisville :) 
can't tell too much..... but my shirt is all bloody. intense young mens basketball.
Missionary life.

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