Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 5, 2014

To start off, GO PACERS! Barely holding off those Hawks! Good stuff.
Also, as I am now half-Mexican I would like to throw out a HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO to all of you.

Well, got transfer calls last night and I will (HAPPILY) be staying here another transfer. I am so thankful to get 6 more weeks with the people here. Definitely feel like I have a LOT more work to do here in this area.

This week in a nutshell (how big the shell is we will soon see.....)
On Monday we didn't really get our PDay because we went to the temple two weeks ago so we were just kinda out working but we did go by Target and I got the AMAZING invention called WATERMELON OREOS. They were absolutely delicious. We then had dinner with Hna. Mendez and it was delightful. We then FINALLY found Jesus who is a Recent Convert that we haven't been able to contact my entired time here. Turns out he has been in KENTUCKY, so all is well then.

Tuesday we were able to go share a message with Jesus and also find two new investigators: Maira and Pedro. They are separate, as in they don't live together or anything, just two separate finding instances. They both have good potential! We then balled out at the church for Mutual! We also found this absolutely CRAZY man while we were contacting. Who even KNOWS what he was ranting about and for some reason he hated me and loved Elder Thurston, probably because this crazy man spoke English and so Elder Thurston just pretended he didn't speak English so he didn't have to talk to him. The guy was so scary....

Wednesday we taught Giberto, and I have no idea who that is actually. I have his name in my planner but I really cannot remember who he is. So hopefully he goes well in coming weeks.... Hahaha. WAIT NO I REMEMBER. We dropped him already because he was like....... different.... Like he wouldn't stop hitting himself and other stuff. So yeah, Giberto. We had dinner with the Hernandez family from the branch and I ate so much dang tacos there haha. It was a delight.

Thursday we taught Maira again with President Coffin and it turns out they used to work together so that was cool. Maira didn't come to church though because she had a soccer game on Sunday but she says she will be there next time... :D That night we had a lesson with the Alonso family with Luisa/Hecyeni/Tracy. Sister Alonso and I taught Tracy/Hecyeni while Thurston/Hno Alonso taught Luisa and it was great! I had never taught kids before (they are both 9) but it went so well and I feel that they really understood it! When talking about resurrected perfect bodies, Tracy asks us "So if someone cuts your arm off in heaven does it just grow right back?" LOL. And then I asked her later "Do you like Boots or Dora better?" and she says "BOOTS. I HATE Dora." Oh.....

The weekend was a lot of NOTHING. 

So that's my week, I hope you are all doing awesome! Take care!

-Elder Groseclose

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