Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Don't have a lot of time this week, and I mean it this time lol. Sorry. my message will be short!
Crazy week full of lots of teaching! For the first time ever I taught enough lessons to reach the missions standard of excellence, so that was sick!
A lot of progress from investigators? Nah, but at least we are teaching.
I sent a lot of pictures though so that can describe my week to y'all.  It's getting hot and I hate it!
Pacers losing 3-1 to Heat.
That's all that. lol.
Working hard and waiting for people to progress. Sorry this message is so lame and pointless, enjoy the pictures. (unless you're a missionary, because I send the pics to my sister so they are on FB....)
Hasta la proxima!
 Elder Groseclose

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