Monday, June 2, 2014


I have completed half my mission...
Which means I have a heck of a lot more time to go, haha.
Pacers got taken out by the Heat. Sucks, but expected. Giants still are best team in baseball. My heart is happy.
Did I ever tell y'all about when Elder Mancilla and I got to help translate at a law firm for a 4 million dollar lawsuit? It was pretty sick, not gonna lie.

So let's recap this week --->
Tuesday I was on exchanges in the other elders area. We started off by eating at the Branch President's new pizza shop and it was actually pretty dang yummy! I absolutely hate exchanges more than anything and as expected, it was absolutely awful. Haha. I think my eye had an allergic reaction to something because the whole day, ANY amount of light caused it to burn like crazy and water and water and water. So it was just a super painful day. Also, Tuesday was my official Hump Day. Woot.

Wednesday. More exchanges. Rinse wash and repeat previous day.

Thursday ->
Oh man, everything fell through this day and it was pretty sad. ): We did though manage to do a FHE with Manuel and the Meza family and it was super fun!

Friday --> We had a lesson with Hilda and it's just really lackluster there now. Her interest has really fallen off and she's just super passive now. We did teach Brian though and he is doing great! :)

Saturday --> Whoooooo! Super busy day! So first we had our lesson with Catalina. She is a convert to the Adventist church and she is super "Show me where that is in the Bible!" with anything we ever say and so..... WE DID. We were able to show her so much evidence of the Book of Mormon from the bible and prophecies of it and she was completely different at the end of the lesson. She went from not even wanting to HEAR of the BOM to accepting one and promising to read it. More evidence of her newly found love for us is shown by her giving us 2 water bottles each, flan, tamales, and popsicles at the end of the lesson and wanting to just hang out with us and eat. She's like 60 year olds too, and a complete boss. She even wants to go to church with us now.... on  a Sunday.... and she is an Adventist. #BAM
We then went by a referral from a member and taught her. She has SO much potential. High hopes there!
We then had dinner with Adela which is a convert's mom of Elder Mancilla and we had...... I'm not sure what is was. I'll call it cheese bread. It was good. And for the first time ever, I actually ENJOYED tamarindo!
We ended the night with teaching Brian again. We gave him a list of the baptismal questions to look over and set his interview for Tuesday! We are super excited. His baptism is scheduled for this Saturday. :)

Sunday --> Nothing exciting. Had dinner with Roman y Mercedes. :D

Well, that's pretty much it. I know it doesn't seem like a lot but it was. I am absolutely exhausted. We hit the Standard of Excellence for the 2nd week in a row!
Talk to y'all later!
Hope to get lots of emails :P

-Elder Groseclose

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