Monday, June 23, 2014

Hello. :D I really don't have any time this week, but let me start by saying I am absolutely LIVID about the Portugal vs USA game yesterday. The defenders couldn't keep out the goal for 20 more seconds? Like why why why. I have no words for that matter.

I love being a Spanish Elder. The people I work with are ALL about soccer, so I am ALWAYS in the loop. #lucky

Let's take a look at the week, starting with transfer meeting.

So Elder Mancilla and I recieved a new companion: Elder Navarrete. He is from Florida and is waiting for his visa to go to Brazil. He already speaks spanish so it's all good. Brett Smith, my college roommate from BYU, is the Assistant to the President now, which is pretty crazy to me. Love that kid.

That night we went by a family in the branch and the kids answered the door and so we started talking and this was the conversation:
Me: How old are you two?
Alex: 4, no wait 5.
AXel: No, he is 4, I am 5.
Alex: Okay actually I am 5, he is 7.
Sister walks in and says: No, Alex you are 5 and AXel you are 6.
Alex: I am 5.
lol. Crazy kids.

Thursday was dinner with Roman y Mercedes and it was Mercedes' take on American food. She did pretty good lol. Mexicans LOVE spaghetti for some reason. Idk.

We then taught a member referral named Leticia. Her son was just murdered so we are hoping we can help her out. She has met with missionaries before and has a lot of potential. Her daughter (8) REALLY wanted to say the prayer at the end and so we let her and she legit just sat there silent for 2 minutes and then said amen. It was seriously some of the most awkward 2 minutes of my life and was so hard for me to stay composed lol.

Saturday we volunteered at PBS Kids in the Park which is this HUGE festival done by PBS Kids TV network. We were in charge of the meet and greet booths and I was working the Cat in the Hat and Alpha Pig booths. It was super fun but I got BURNT.

Well, gtg already, SORRY!
-elder Groseclose
Hno. Chapital
Maira's son
Working PBS kids in the park!
Sister Gill!

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