Tuesday, June 17, 2014

TRANSFERS => So, it's actually pretty weird. I am training, but my trainee doesn't come until halfway through the transfer, so I will be in a trio in my same area here waiting for him, and when he comes we will leave and open up a new area. So that'll be pretty crazy.

These weekly emails get really taxing to do let me just say haha. If I wasn't scared of my mom and sister chewing me out for not writing these, I probably wouldn't have made it through my first transfer of writing. Haha.
Something weird, I feel like I just hit my year mark, yet on Thursday is my 11 months until I am home mark. It's absolutely flying lol.

Summer has officially OFFICIALLY arrived. It is freaking SO hot and humid. It's legit what it would be like to walk through Hell, I imagine.

I probably was the worst planner user of all time this past week so I actually have very few remembrances of what happened this past week. I do know though that the Heat got absolutely WRECKED by the Spurs. haha. And that guy on Brazil SCORED IN HIS OWN GOAL. HAHA.

And shout out to USA for scoring as soon as the game started and right as it ended to pick up a W.

But because I was really bad with my planner, I will give "highlights".

On Saturday we went to Super Tortas and after like 20 minutes the waitress tells us that some guy bought us free drinks! So that was super sweet :D

Went on an exchange on campus at IUPUI and taught someone super awesome and then she came to play Volleyball with us yesterday for P-Day. Pretty sick. And her friend is a SICK rapper!

Got my hair cut by Brian's brother. He is super good. He uses like those filed blades that are super sick and old fashioned, I felt like a bossss.

I freaking love Milanesa.

Sorry, this letter just has no substance. I will be better this next week in keeping note of what happens, until then, Les quiero mucho!

Talk to y'all soon. :)

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