Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Allllllrighhhhhhty.... Let's see here.....
Giants are 42-21. Life is good there. Heat and Spurs all tied up. Just making sure I am all caught up....

Last Monday was freaking crazzzzzzzy. Like seriously the entire mission decided to go haywire and EVERYBODY it seemed like came to the White River building for sports and it was seriously a mess.... Haha. After P-Day was a huge rain storm that seriously could have killed someone.... somehow. And with my luck, I was biking in it. And the appointments we biked to, all cancelled! It was super awesome.... lol.

Tuesday was pretty rockin' though. We taught this less active that I guess nobody even knew existed. I guess her mom baptized her when she was 11 and now this women legit knows NOTHING about the church so that was weird. It was alright, we are going back by today. Then we taught "The Flirties", aka these young teenage girls that are totally interested in...... "the church". Hahaha, nah but they are cool and actually have really good questions about the church and have a lot of potential. We then taught this guy Jose that I hadn't taught in like 4 months lol. He was making soooo many comments that it took YEEEEEEEEEEEEEARS to finish that lesson. ZZZZZ. We had Brian's baptismal interview that night also and he rocked it out as we suspected. What a boss. We then ended the night with our Mexican Basketball Club time. #ballers

Wednesday we pretty much taught everyone in Indianapolis lol. We went tracting in the morning and managed on 3 separate occasions in 2 hours to teach lessons. Not sure how interested the people are, but we taught. :D This one guy in the street we handed a Indianapolis Temple card with questions on the back and he wanted to know the answers so we got to help him with that and it lead to another lesson. Then we taught Hilda and she hadn't been reading because she puts her BOM under her TV and I was like "And how do you expect to read your book when you hide it?" She thought it was a good point and so I told her she MUST leave it where she sits at the dinner table so she will always see it and remember to read. Ha. Then ended the night with Roman y Mercedes! :)

Thursday.... I don't even remember a thing that happened except that we went to Roman's new house in the morning to help him fix it up and I used a machete to tear down vines like a C O M P L E T E boss. Then we ate at Super Tortas and then eventually we had dinner with the Clementes who tried to give me 10 PEARS FOR DESERT. LOL.

Friday.......... Sorry it's not coming to me. We DID get asked by a random black women though, "Hey, what y'all smoke?" We were all confused and said nothing and she was like "Oh...... what church y'all go to?!" and so we talked all about church and then as we leave.... the woman we were talking to gets chased away by another woman because apparently the chick we were talking to was breaking into another woman's car.... lol. 

Saturday ----> Taught our homegirl Catalina and she is still a baller. Can't have a lesson next week though because she is going to go do missionary work for her own church. lol. Then,  Brian's Baptism! It all went well and was fun :) The rest of the night and Sunday was stake conference.

That's the week, gotta run! Love you all! Take care. :)

Elder Groseclose

Brian got baptized YO!
Some homies!
Brian is my BOY.
I love sister o'brien!

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