Monday, June 30, 2014

Another week down and let me start by saying.... USA USA USA!!! Whether they move on or not from the Final 16, THEY MADE IT THROUGH THE GROUP. They survived "The Group Of Death" and for that, I am dang proud of my country!
Being a spanish elder is SICK, soccer is on everywhere I go, haha.

Anyways, there is currently a HUGE storm going on outside. It's raining SO hard and thundering SO SO SO loud. It's freaking crazy man.

Last monday was a weird preparation day because the church was closed because they were cleaning the carpet... sooooooooo we went to the top of the huge JW Marriot hotel that is downtown and used our connections to get to the top floor and look out over the whole city. We then went out to lunch with Maria de los Angeles and saw some of the Mexico-Croatia game.... until a storm made the power go out. Hahahaha.

Tuesday we found this new guy in a trailor park named Josue who is about to have a new kid soon so we taught him about Pre-Earth life and all that. He's pretty cool. We will see what happens there. Everything else on tuesday didn't really matter except for the NBA Finals at Mutual. My team won game 1, then lost 2 & 3 and then we charged back to win in 6 so now I got my RING. Official NBA champ. That's what's up.

Wednesday I went on an exchange in English world because Elder Mancilla had some training up in Fishers. It was pretty good. We found this cool black guy on the street and invited him to ball with us on Thursday but he never came. Maybe one day. I also taught this guy who just came here from Mexico named Rodrigo and he may have potential. Not really sure but we will see. He isn't in my area so I won't continue teaching him, but maybe I will transfer one day and teach him. Idk. After the exchange we went to a baptism of a girl in the YSA and it was cool cool. We finished the night teaching Ingrid and she is doing good.

Thursday. USA lost 1-0 to Germany, but I don't even mind because they still moved on. So it's okay. We went by Maira and taught her a little and then we went to Adela's for dinner and she made some REALLY good tinga. So dang delicious I was dying in love. I had like 6 tostadas of it. Haha. (Mom you should figure out how to make Tinga [google it] and perfect your skills at making it before I come home). We then balled out aka Basketball with less actives for the rest of the night!

Friday we had district meeting in the morning and then after, we had service with Christina Soberanes. She cleans houses for her job and we were in charge of pulling weeds and the weeds were SERIOUSLY taller then me. It was insane. I should have taken a picture. We spent like 3 hours pulling them. I got bit, legit, like 30 times by mosquitoes and we all had the dang ITCHIEST legs of all time. Her mom then gives us YELLOW WATERMELON. Which tastes exactly the same but it was still DOPE that the watermelon was yellow! We then had dinner with the Hernandez family and it was fish soup and if y'all know me, I HATE seafood. I was terrified, simply put. The shrimp in the soup still had eyes. Ugh.

Saturday we helped Roman y Mercedes move and then watched the end of that crazy Chile-Brazil game. I love penalty kicks. They make me all antsy and all that. We then went to the other Elder's baptism of these two 9 year olds and when one of them came out of the water he was throwing up two big thumbs up and it was just so dang cute! We then taught Leticia and family after (a member referral) and it was a good lesson, but they said they couldn't come to church because the Mexico game was during it..... which leads me to

Sunday, where half of the branch was missing... aka at home watching the Mexico game. That was a little frustrating. After church we went to this Hispanic Family Fest downtown and found an empty booth and laid out a lot of pass along cards with our number and by the time we left, they were all taken, so hopefully something good happens.

Well, there ya go. 15 days until my trainee comes. So just chillin here.

Talk to y'all next week!
Elder Groseclose

Dulce! Arturo's sister from my first area. Saw her yesterday in Indy!
Normal Sunday at the Spanish church...
Brian got a chucky doll lol
Samantha. An investigator from the YSA branch who is on a Bap. Date :D
We did an "NBA Finals" and my homies and I won in 6 games YO ;)
On top of Indy YO

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