Monday, July 21, 2014


lol, interesting week.
First off, let me mourn USA losing to Belgium really quick..............
I guess I can root for Germany to win now. #LetsGoDeutschland 
So we moved apartments last Monday and it was actually fun because I love organizing houses. Tuesday I was on an exchange with Elder Latu and it was super fun because he is just a sick person altogether.
Wednesday was an interesting day because I switched companionships so now I am with Elder Latu and Elder Wolverton (my MTC companion). I get my trainee next Tuesday so it won't be too long but it's definitely going to be cool to say I had 3 areas and 5 companions in one transfer. lol.

Thursday.... hahaha. Well we had a dinner appointment...... 50+ blocks away and it was a HECK of a bike ride. On the way I was like "Seriously this is awful, the only thing that will make this ride worth it is if I get there and they made Enchiladas Verdes." and by the grace of God, THEY MADE ENCHILADAS VERDES. I wanted to cry I was so happy. It was a TRUE MIRACLE. That night we then taught my homegirl Lorena who is this super sick 20-something year old from Peru and we just hung out and just had a good time and then we read 1st Nefi (Nephi....) with her. I then asked if she happened to own tennis rackets and SOMEHOW she turns out to be an avid EBAY seller and whips three out of her closest, so now I got rackets! We then spent the whole night (from 9-10:30 because the next day was our 4th of July P-Day so we didn't have to plan) knocking doors asking for tennis balls and never found any ): We did meet a lot of interesting people while knocking though.... One guy thought we had 'elf powers'? Too be honest I was just as confused as y'all are right now reading that.

Friday was 4th of July P-Dayyyyy ALL DAY LONG. It was sick. We did a "Zone Olympics" and it was sick. Twenty times sicker because my team won. We just did a bunch of little mini games and it was cool. Afterwards, put those rackets to use and played tennis for the first time since June 3rd 2013 (shout out to my girl Alexis Esquivel!). It felt so nice to play again, even if it was with cheaper rackets and being a whole heck of a lot of rusty with my game, but it was good good in the hood. We then went to Panda Express after for dinner before getting together as a zone that night to go watch the fireworks on the river (seriously such a beautiful view we had!). We didn't even have to be home until 10:30 #missionarycurfew haha.

Saturday was fulllllll of teaching lessons. The notable lesson was when we were walking through some apartments and Latu notices some guy sitting under a grove of trees #JSmith just kidding. But yeah, we go and make small with the guy until I get bored of it and and have him go get his wife for a lesson. We taught them the Resto and they seemed to have a lot of potential. We left them with a BOM and who knows, maybe they will read it and then know it's true! ;) Also, that night we were knocking in some more apartments and we are approached by a group of little kids (like 12 of them) (ranging from 5-11) who are all begging for us to help them with soccer. They tell us that two older kids (some siblings of the kids in the group) play soccer with them every night but that the 2 guys are super good and so they ALWAYS lose so they wanted our help to finally beat them. So, of course we obliged. We won 11-2 and the little kids were SO excited because they had NEVER EVER won before. It was so cool. They now love us and we are famous in the complex.

Sunday was a normal Sunday, except it was fast Sunday so of course I was STARVING and we didn't have dinner appointment until 4 so when we got there and saw that the meal was TINGA you better believe I ate AT LEAST 15 tostadas. It was so good. I am TOO obsessed with mexican food!

That's pretty much my recollection of the week. Big mission talk is that we might get iPads on Wednesday. We'll see. ;)

-Elder Groseclose

After a long bike ride....
Dinner with Christina Soberanes.
TENNIS w/ Elder Birch!
Olympic Champs!
My bottle cap collection
Back with the MTC Comp!

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