Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Quizás todos los días no sean buenos, pero siempre hay algo bueno todos los días.

Quien quiere llegar, busca caminos; quien no quiere llegar, busca excusas

Well, to start off, I forgot my planner therefore everything that happened this week I will have to report off pure memory, which means that not much may be said. But, maybe inspiration will come to my head and I will remember what happened this week.

Monday we went by and visited a members dad and we are now teaching him. He has every day off EXCEPT for Sundays lol. SO WEIRD. It sucks! His name is Juan for future reference in emails.

On Tuesday nothing happened! We had district meeting and then we had to move after so it took forever (all day!). We then went with the Smitharts from the mission office to Walmart to buy some more stuff for the apartment and it was so late that they ended up taking us out to eat at Applebee's! Afterwards we went to the church and Maricela gave me a haircut!

Wednesday we had a specialized training in Fishers for Trainers and their Trainees. At one point, President Cleveland had all the new missionaries line up and pretend to be contacting people on the street and it was SOOOOOO funny how awkward some of them were or just didn't know what to do. It really helped me realize how far I have progressed as a missionary in just being able to contact people on the streets, it's such a crucial skill. The trainings taught us a lot. :) After that though we went to dinner and.... I FOUND THE ONLY WINGSTOP IN INDIANA. So for the first time in 14 months, I partook of pure JOY. I almost cried when I saw that they had the Giants baseball game on. All the stars aligned. Too beautiful.

Thursday...... Now it's to the point where I don't remember what happened in the week so I will throw out highlights of what I do remember.

Found this new woman named Josefina. We were knocking and we here someone saying "Quien? Quien?" (who is it?) and we can't find the voice so we go to the street and see here from her top story window and so we talk to here for a little bit through the street to sky connection haha. She comes down and we teach her and give her a BOM and set up a return appointment. We go by last night for the return appointment and she is on the porch with her BOM waiting for us, so she seems to have a lot of potential! She's a single mom in her 30's who doesn't have a church already!

Also, they are no longer in my area because they are from when I was with Wolverton and Latu as companions but if you remember me talking about Niurka and Vilma, they were two people we found a few weeks ago. Well, Vilma has been coming to church and Niurka finally came yesterday and they are SUPER solid! They accepted a baptismal date and I got to be in the lesson with them on Sunday after church. They told me I was their favorite and it made me all sad not to be their Elder anymore, but at least I see them at church!

Other than that, I don't remember the week at all, the pains of forgetting a planner! My trainee is my opposite, super quiet and pensive, neither of those come NEAR to describing me. He loves studying though which is something I hate doing, so kudos to him on that! 

Another transfer ends on Wednesday, crazy how the time flies. Less than 10 months to go??? Crazy! 295 days.

Blows my mind that the time can fly that fast. Less than 300 days? That's just weird.

Hasta la proxima! Que les vaya muy bien!
Elder Groseclose

Sister Gil!
sister Mayberry!
Dinner with the Smitharts!
i said SELFIE and she sticks out the duck lips hahah.

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