Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Another week down homies!
Thought I'd send pics in this email. My homegirl Sister Gil got transferred! So sad!

Shoutout to Paul George on breaking his leg. Such a nasty leg break, hope you recover soon bro! #PACERS

Lets refresh this week thoughhhhhh:

Monday -> P-Day so ya. We did have a lesson with Juan Garcia and put him on a baptismal date for September 27th buuuuuut, we will probably have to drop it soon because it's looking like thee are way more problems and obstacles he'll need to overcome before getting to the water.

Tuesday -> Tuesday was an interesting day. Went in the morning to breakfast at Denny's because it was the day before transfers so it was kinda getting the last hoo-rah in with the homies. But we ended up going to eat B-Dubs later that day so it was like the last hoo-rah..... part 2. The Tuesday before transfers is just always crazy. We did teach Rodrigo though which is a guy I actually found on exchanges like a month and a half ago. Interest level? Idk but we shall see.

Wednesday -> TRANSFERS ): I didn't leave though, neither did I get a new companion. We just had to go because Elder Baird had to go to the new missionary training before and after the meeting soooooo we went. :) It's always nice getting to see missionaries that you have served with/around before and see all the magical moving happen! Transfers took all day and then we had a lesson that night with Josefina, but I will take about Josefina later on...

Thursday -> lol. So we found out in the morning that we needed to change cars with other Elders and that we would now be sharing a car sooooo, we ended up on bikes Thursday and we planned as if we'd have the car, so it was interesting to say the least. I worked Elder Baird so hard for his first bike day as a missionary. We went to make some lists at the library in the morning and then Weekly Planned, then we had to book it like 5 miles to our lesson with Juan Garcia (who gave me a Shakira newspaper !!!) and then we had 30 minutes to make it 10 miles to our dinner appointment haha. Poor trainee mio was DEAD by the time we got to our dinner. He also somehow popped the tire on the way and was riding on a flat tire until I gave him my bike and I just troopered it along!

Friday -> Had district meeting and it was interesting lol. We went out to Mexican food after because apppppparently we don't eat it enough. We then all went to my area for an hour to try and help us find people so it can grow because it's a new area. Not much happened but Mancilla and I were together and taught a woman. We also got stuck in the train yard as a train went by and did a lot of stupid things we were taught to never do (i.e jump onto a moving train, stand next to a moving train, put coins on the track so the wheel smashes and presses it (SO SICK BY THE WAY!!!)) The little kids came out and we luckily survived. After that we just went and worked more in our area and we found this atheist guy (doesn't believe in God) and taught him haha. His huge thing was "Why do bad thing happen" and the lesson actually went well enough that he told us we could come back. His name is Adolf and he has Stalin tattooed on his arm, but I don't even care though, seems like he'd look good in white baptismal clothes #GIVEHIMJESUS. We then had a good lesson with Catarina from 2 Nephi 31. She wouldn't accept a baptismal date but she seems to be willing to soon.

Sábado -> Found pretty much Mini-Mexico Indianapolis on this random street and taught two guys there. They are just kinda wait and sees. Eventually had the baptism services to go to and then afterwards had dinner with the Garcia family! On the way home we stop by Catarina to confirm she wants a ride to church and she says YES.

Domingo -> After church we had dinner with Maria and that was great as usual. I am cutting to the chase because pretty much two events from Sunday stand out
           Catarina -> So we had it all set up for Catarina to come to church. Maria and Marta were going to go by and pick her up around 10:30 and bring her to church and it was going to all be great. Get a call at about 10:35 from Maria saying that she knocked the door and a guy answered and said Catarina wasn't home. Marta says that she saw a woman peeking out the window as the man talked. I am just super frustrated and angry that we got it all set up and then the investigator HIDES FROM HER RIDE. I am super angry and dead set on just dropping her and never going by her again because she obviously is NOT interested. At dinner with Maria she tells me the story in person and it just makes me more frustrated than I already was! So I decide in that moment that I am gonna just give up on her and never go by. Well.... as we are driving home I have a feeling that we really need to go by her. I really really didn't want to...... but I couldn't deny the prompting. As we pull up to her street, we see her on the porch and make eye contact. We keep driving a little to park on the curb and go by and see what happened. Well, SHE HAD LEFT HER PORCH. I am even more angry and we knock the door and a woman tells us that Catarina is out back. I ask her if Catarina even wants to see us or not. She tells us she isn't sure but that we could go around back if we wanted. So we do. She is standing next to the fence holding it and looking up to the sky in the opposite direction and so I am like "Bueno....?" (pretty much the Mexican way of like getting someones attention) and she just keeps staring away, so I say it again, and nothing. So I just stand there about 50 feet away staring at her and she is not biting. Eventually, after about legitimately 5 minutes, she looks over and I can see she is BALLING CRYING. So I quickly scurry over to her and she just pours out "SORRY SORRY. I AM SO SORRY." She had been preoccupied and felt bad about it all day. She told me she thought that it would be ME picking her up for church so she got scared and hid when she saw two women come for her. I felt so so so so bad. She was ready and willing and everything to go, she was just scared. I eventually calmed her down and changed the topic to food and everything turned out alright.

Josefina -> She is honestly top 3 favorite people from my mission. She is amazing. We go back on Wednesday for our return appointment, she is already in 1 Nephi 8. Go back Sunday, she is in 1 Nephi 11. She loves it and says it's so much like the Bible. Elder Baird is too shy still since he is new to the mission and so I get to do all the talking in the lessons and I love it because Josefina is rad. She's like 30 and single with 2 kids and just is at the point in her life where everything is clicking. She just GETS IT. We are already like best friends and last night she accepted baptism for September 20. I am seriously so blessed to be able to teach her and I pray that she will continue to just stay this ROCK SOLID!

That's my week!

Not my baptism but taught this girl a bunch of times. Congrats Katherine!

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