Monday, August 11, 2014

Don't expect this email to be as long. We are going to the State Fair today so I have less time!

This week was good, but frustrating. I am pretty sure that is every week as a missionary though!

On Monday we had our usual lesson with Juan and nothing out of the ordinary there!

Ya, sorry I have no time, lemme give highlights:

Everything got fast tracked because it's all falling into place with Juan and he may be baptized by the end of the month.

Josefina didn't come to church :(

Found 7 new investigators this week, including a hispanic family with the last name of "Welcher"...... They are ex-JW's so we will see how it goes!

A woman flagged me down while driving by to tell me "Your wheels on your bike are rolling". lol.

A Cuban man told us "I don't do the Spanish thing anymore" and refused to speak in Spanish... Idk what that even MEANS!

We heard a bird noise in the church so a newer elder says "DONDE ESTA EL PERRITO" (Where is the little dog!!!) he meant to say PAJARRITO (little bird)
Also, same elder told a member "Your text message no tiene contento" (is not happy) He meant to say doesn't have CONTENT (contenido) but said "contento" which is happy. So that member said to him "Porque se enojo?" (Why did he get mad?) HAHA.

That's that, sorry it's short, next week I will do better!
Take care LOVE YOU ALL
Elder Jeffrey Aaron Groseclose
Instagram @JeffreyAaron
^ haha

I don't know if you are ready for how high up my selfie level was this week....

spanish elders in the branch.
One of our investigators is interesting hahaha....
Elder Birch and I :D

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