Monday, August 25, 2014

What's good! Another week down and it's humid as heck out here. Had an unbelievable thunderstorm this week. One crack of thunder was the loudest sound I had EVER heard in my life. It didn't stop flashing lightning, honestly, for atleast an hour. Insane yo. 

I really wish I could find a way to make my weekly emails more interesting but I realize that nothing I do as a missionary is probably very interesting to any of you, ha.

Monday and Tuesday was nothing big. Went on exchanges with Elder Mancilla in his area so it was just kinda driving around to all his appointments like a chicken with it's head cut off haha. 

Wednesday. I don't remember the day at all to be honest, but I have that we taught Josefina, but I think we pretty much just sat and talked with her about what she thought of church on Sunday. She is more used to those churches that stand up and yell and clap so she thought it was odd how referent we are..... We will see what happens... We also found these two new Puertoriqueños that are brothers and they are really cool. Not sure if they are truly super interested but we are already bros and they want to come ball with us. They talk so fast I love it because my greenie didn't understand A THING, not ONE SINGLE THING that left those guys mouths was understood by him and he was so lost so it really just made me happy to see HOW FAR I have been able to come from when I first came out and I was in that exact same situation, but now I can understand it all. I did feel bad for my greenie though that he couldn't understand anything.... Maybe we will have to study spanish harder. ha.

Thursday.... Apparently we only taught one lesson Thursday and I can't remember why..... I don't have anything written on my planner for that day so lemme think.....I really have absolutely no recollection of that day but apparently it was a complete bust.

Friday I almost died of hunger. I was shaking haha. It was kinda scary. We eventually got Chinese food for lunch though and I lived. #sick.
We taught this woman Rosa that we tracted into. She opened the door and immediately started teaching her, she had no chance to say no. Haaaaaaaa. She seemed to like it though and gave us her address! We also taught Rodrigo who gave us a fake phone number so I was pretty salty about that.... (salty is angry...). We then taught my favorite Atheist Catholic Joseph Stalin tattoo wielding friend who happens to be named Adolf! He's super cool. I love teaching him. He is super attentive and asks a bunch of questions. He's a stud man. We also went by Catarina's..... house.... poor woman lives in a house that was under construction but never finished... All she has is like an outside wall around her house and everything inside is just the wood framing of a house. She has a little makeshift stuff and a fridge and a mattress and no air conditioning. Made me sooooooo sad. We read Lehi's Vision with her and she really enjoyed it. We then taught two other people who aren't really noteworthy, yet.

Saturday. Got into a nice little.... I don't like to consider it a bible bash, but we will call it that so you all kinda understand..... with an ex-Jehovah's Witness. It was really enjoyable and when we finally went on our he sent us out the door with some juice! :D Had correlation meeting. Taught Juan Garcia and this woman Maria. She absolutely loves us but I don't think she truly gets our purpose.

Sunday was Sunday. Ate lunch with the Coranguez family and was forced into singing Maroon 5 karaoke. Went to the popcorn party at the Senior Missionary Couple's apartment and then that was that!

Soooo.... another week down and we still here up in I N D I A N A yo. Ha.

Take care!
Les quiero mucho.

Elder J. Aaron Groseclose

Sisters Mayberry and Gil tho.
can't describe us better.
The last sunday for Sister Mayberry!
Popcorn Night!
Elder Van Haren yo
Balling it with my mannnnnn Hno Coranguez
Dinner appointment!
My homie Josefina!

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