Monday, September 29, 2014

September 2, 2014

ADDRESS CHANGE (everyone please send me their address BTW I wanna write everyyyyyone):

Ok let's see...... I am ridiculously sore this week and my neck is kiiiiilling me, but life goes on! Not a really exciting week in the slightest. Too be honest it was just really disappointing.

Interesting thing we learned at Zone Conference: Our mission has the second largest fleet of cars in USA & Canada and we are one of only two missions in the Continent to stay within our mileage limits. Haha.

So last week on Monday we obviously had preparation day and afterwards we had a lesson with Catarina. We somehow ended up on bikes even though it was our car day so we biked over to her house and it started to POUR rain so they gave us garbage bags to wear home..... haha.

Tuesday was.... MY SISTER'S BIRTHDAY. Happy Birthday Lolo!
We moved.... again. And we moved on bike so like don't even get me started lol. We pretty much just spent our whole day on Josefina's street. Taught her twice and then her daughter too and the daughter's BF. Got to watch the Restoration movie twice. Fun stuff. Then taught my Puerto Rican friend Gerardo and some other random woman who prolly had no interest. ha.

Wednesday was chill. We biked around in the morning and found this white woman and taught her. She is an ex-JDub and is a little confused. She swears that the Book of Mormon and the story of Lehi are in the Bible and everything she was like "Yeah, I remember that! Lehi was the only one to listen and so he lived!" and then was like "Yes yes, I knew about Lamanites but forgot about the Nephites" and other random stuff haha. Then we asked her to pray and she jumped super high saying I surprised her by asking her (???) and then to pray she said "Jehovah..... if we may approach at this time through Jesus......." and then waited a good ten seconds for God to give her permission to speak (???). Interesting lesson.
We also found a cool Catracho to teach (guy from Honduras). Hopefully he has potential down the line. We also went with a bunch of other missionaries out to eat Mexican food lol.

Thursday was Zone Conference and that took the entire day except for that we did have time to go by and see Josefina and teach them something and hang out. Ooooh, we ate with Marta (member).

Friday I don't remember anything from the morning except that, oh yeah I felt sick. Ya the morning was lame. We then eventually had our lesson with my boy Adolfo. He is always drunk so we get the same questions...... every time..... We then went by Marta's house so she could follow us to a lesson with Catarina and the other Elders gave her a message and she goes off on a love speech about Jesus and then at the end starts kissing her hands and points to the sky and goes "I LOVE YOU JESUS!!!!" haha. Also, my companion is very quiet and so she just randomly turns to him during dinner and says "Y TU CUANDO HABLAS?" bahahahaha. We all started dying and he just stared at her and didn't say a word lol. She then came with us to the lesson and she and Catarina are Paisanas so they hit it off great and so this Sunday Marta is going to bring Catarina to church :)

Saturday was the other Elder's baptism of Maria. It was nice and afterwards we went to her house for Pozole y Tres Leches! Mmmmm que rico! The night is not memorable. Ha. 

Sunday was church and no one came (of our investigators -_- ). Had dinner with........... the Garcia family! That's always fun :)

Monday we couldn't email for Labor Day so that's why I am today. We went to the mall and it was fun even though I spent no money haha. Like 20 missionaries all went to the massage chair store and hung out there for our free massages for an hour and we all left so happy. Haha!

That's my week, love you all! Talk to you in a few! :)

raining..... So our investigator gave us a garbage bag lol

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