Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

My mom sent me an email this week saying that she has a countdown started, 232 days to go. HA. That’s a lot of days so I am not even worried about it. My mom is trunkier than I am!


Aight, lemme go through some recaps of another crazy week (not actually that crazy).


Monday night after Preparation Day we listed out some Hispanics and where they lived using a street atlas (too complicated for me to explain through typing). We then had dinner after in the mall at Chick-Fil-A, first time I have eaten there in a long time!!!


Tuesday we taught a woman named Angelica. Not very sure if she will make changes and keep commitments but as of now she is nice and willing to listen. We also taught Josefina about the importance of authority but she still continues with the same doubts but I have a lot of hope! That night we went bowling with the Young Men and then Maricela gave me a nice haircut in preparation for….


Wednesday because a member of the Seventy came. His name is Elder Perkins. He gave super good trainings and they were really applicable to us.

Something cool she showed us is how much God exhorts us to PRAY. “Knock and it shall be opened unto you” is found over 70 times in the scriptures! He also told us that when you become a 70 you get the chance to sit in with an apostle who is assigning missionaries to their missions. He says he was with Hales and watched him do it. He said he wanted a testimony that it was inspired so he prayed that God would help him now and he had the feeling that he needed to start saying missions in his head when a picture came up and see if it matched what Hales would say. He said the first picture came up and he thought “Lubbock Texas Spanish” and Hales immediately said it. He said that he was in perfect sync in his head with what Hales would say; he would think of a mission and then moments later Hales would say it. Super super cool! President Cleveland also talked about the importance of growing “Talent is never enough to be great.” Made me think of the quote “There is no growth in the comfort zone, and there is no comfort in the growing zone.” Growing and changing takes work and it’s hard! Then one of the sisters in the mission said “Yes, the Gospel blesses families, but for me, the Gospel gave me a family.” Super sweet as she goes home at the end of the transfer! After the conference we went by Target because they actually have one up in the city we were in and got some goodies! We then taught Maria and also Gustavo. Kinda funny, it’s always hard to get Gustavo to let us teach him because he is busy or tired so on Wednesday when we were about to go by, there was a fight at the gas station on his street and people were peeling out of the parking lot screaming and it was crazy so then when we knocked Gustavo’s door I told him that I was scared and I wanted to come inside to be safe and so he let us in. Hahaha.


Thursday was kinda lame. We taught Josefina again and also a new woman named Sofia who is family of this guy we taught before named Francisco. Francisco says he wants to come to church to find a wife hahaha (he is 70). Sometimes when we go over he says “teach me fast because I got a date with my girlfriend”, I am convinced he is a little delusional!


Friday! Found a new woman named Yahir. She is super cool and I think she has a lot of potential so hopefully she rises up to it! We also taught Adolfo. He’s kinda going downhill. He is always drunk so he never remembers what we teach him. Taught Catarina and brought Marta with us for the lesson. Catarina and Marta have come to be great friends, now we just need Catarina to come to church! Catarina received an answer in a dream and told us about it, but for some reason she just doesn’t recognize it as her answer….. After the lesson Marta took us out to dinner and so that was really sweet of her :D She also said something SO funny at dinner that I am not gonna put in the letter but I am writing this so when I read this in a year I will be able to remember. HAHAHAHA.


Saturday was the baptism of little Ethan man. It was good. It was also another 9 year olds baptism and they had to do it FOUR TIMES!!! The first time his head didn’t go all the way under and times 2 and 3 his foot popped out of the water. Haha. Good memory. After the baptism we went to Roman y Mercedes for her birthday and had Agua de Pina, Lamb Barbacoa, and chicken. So yummy :D :D :D


Sunday was fun! No investigators came but we had dinner with the Fernandez after and so he took pictures of us and so maybe this week they’ll be showing up on my Facebook wall!


Have a great week!!!

Elder Groseclose
Ethan's Baptism ;D
Bowling with Young Men
Downtown :D

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