Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Not an important day, just thought I'd give you a random countdown. ;) 

Like the biggest greenie in the whole entire WORLD, I forgot my planner..... AGAIN.

So, sorry, this letter will suck again....

JOSEFINA CAME TO CHURCH. I was stoked. It was super fun and the members seriously ALL said Hi to her and I think she really enjoyed so HOPEFULLY she will come next week too and it all can just go up from there!

Didn't teach Juan this week but it's fine because we are going by tonight and it's all good. Just a crazy week!

We really have just from there taught a bunch of random people. My boy Adolfo (the atheist) is doing good. He is reading in the Book of Mormon and I am now convinced that he is actually not Atheist, and just had bad past experiences.

The fair was fun and had a serious rain storm in the middle of it. But we lived, don't worry. 

Got to teach my convert Norma from my first area this past week!
She is in Relief Society Presidency and they plan on getting sealed by the end of the year! So cool.

Not really sure what else happened but I do remember we spent 8 HOURS helping Cristina (a member) move on Thursday so that was crazy. 

Had Birch's Birthday Party and BBQ so that was sick.

Life is just fun. Enjoying myself and time is flying. I'll be back to you all in no time, LOVE YOU ALL.

Elder Jeffrey Aaron Groseclose 

Hermano Orellana on the grill!
My homie Vickie!
Happy Birthday Biiiiirchy!
tacooooos. barbacoa. chorizo. al pastor. carnitas.
at the fair tho.

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