Monday, July 21, 2014


Ooooooof. Brazil got thoroughly spanked out of the World Cup. Super stoked that Germany is the Champion! Sad that all that beautiful hispanic soccer mayhem will no longer be happening. But life goes on, and so does the mission (10 months to go. Crazy)

By the time it's actually time for me to email now, I am just so freaking tired haha. I will do my best to give a brief summary of the week...

On Tuesday we went to eat at Mi Pizza Loca (Branch President's shop) with Maricela and when we finish, she leaves but forgets her Calzone and so Elder Wolverton calls her and tells her "Hermana, dejò sus calzones en la pizzerìa." Which would be fine and all.... but CALZONES means underwear in Spanish. So he essentially told her that she left her underwear at the pizza shop. Loooool. She was confused to say the least.

Wednesday we went to a specialized training (we got randomly picked to go!) and the mission department from SLC came and gave just really inspirational and straight to the point trainings and it was awesome and I really think it can change the mission for the better, we will see!

We had a lesson with this ETERNIGATOR (someone who has been talking with missionaries FOREVER and never progresses) and we were like "Cree que puede recibir una respuesta de la veracidad de estas cosas?" and she just laughs and was like "Jajaja, pues, QUIEN SABE?" and she thinks it's so funny and I just say "Yo sè." and it completely caught her off guard and she just goes silent and starts thinking. It was pretty bold and I think it may help her, but we shall see. Y'all can stick that in a translator or something or ask your local hispanic what it says, ha.

Friday we had Zone Training and it was good as usual. Nothing special stood out. We then had dinner with Cristina and helped the sisters move apartments. #niceguys

Saturday EVERYONE was opening their doors. We first taught Vilma and she seems super interested! Her brother came into the room in the middle of the lesson and tried to start and bash with us and I just said a silent prayer that he would leave and he just stops suddenly in the middle of his rant and turns around and leaves and doesn't come back. Vilma saw the contention he brought and it actually helped her be MORE inclined to what we taught.

We also taught Miguel y Margarita, whom we found last week, and she still seems interested! She says she has been reading a lot and really enjoys the BOM so she has a lot of potential! Had lunch with the Coranguez Family and she made chicken and alfredo and MAN I was HAPPY!!!! Afterwards, we went by a referral from the English Elders to visit a man named Jose Luis. He just arrived here from Honduras and is looking for a church. He seems to have so much potential! Ended the night with our investigator Lorena and she made us dinner and we decorated a cake and ate it while watching The Testaments! :)

On Sunday, we had mini miracles! I called Vilma and asked if she was still coming to church and she said something came up and she had to take her friend to his church so she couldn't come anymore. I insisted that she come and just bring her friend and she said she'd "think about it" and let me know. Well, 5 minutes later she calls back saying she is coming!!! Her and her friend came and I think really enjoyed it! They say they will be back next week. We also had Jose Luis come! It was so cool having all these people come for their first time and I hope they continue to come! Sunday night was the Why I Believe fireside and it was great, I love hearing of peoples experiences and how they came to know the truth.

That's the best summary I can give! Tomorrow my trainee comes in from the MTC and the craziness begins. Should be a wild wild week! LOVE YOU ALL.

Cuídense mucho.
Elder Groseclose

The Smithharts! (Senior couple in the mission, from Fresno and go home a week before me!)
Some homies from the YSA.

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