Monday, July 21, 2014

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I am always so dang lazy by the time I am supposed to write my email....
I have to start out by saying..... MY TRAINEE DOESN'T WILL NOT TAKE SELFIES. So.... that's apparently an actual thing....

Anyways, I am still in Indianapolis and I am still in the same branch, I just moved about 20 minutes Southeast of where I already was. My new companion is FRESH out of the MTC and his name is Elder Baird. He speaks Spanish like he has been out 3 transfers or so, so it's nice, he's a little bit advanced. In other news, I got a 100% on the Spanish total language assessment. Pretty cool stuff.

So this week was ridiiiiiculously long.

Last Tuesday I got my new companion, already discussed that a little up there. He's from Orem, Utah and that's that. 

Wednesday. So the first day in this brand new area and let me tell you... we had NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. It was a complete mess. We leeched on to the other Elder's lunch appointment so that was fun, other than that, we knocked doors..... a lot. And we did it forever and ever and we found NO ONE. So we rethought things and decided to search for Hispanics in the street guide for the rest of the day. (too complicated to explain).

Thursday was the usual life of a new area. We went out in the morning and tracted for millenniums until eventually, WE TAUGHT SOMEONE. Her name is Susanna. IDK if she is super interested, but atleast we got to finally teach someone and get a "new investigator". We then just listed more at the Library because we have no area to Weekly Plan for and then we worked the street next to us and taught a guy named Gustavo.

Friday we had interviews with the Mission President which means we were stuck at the church all day until 5 PM lol. We did get our own car though, so we got a full time car for the next week and a half at least, lol. It's really needed in this HUGE area that is starting from scratch. We then went down to Greenwood and tracted fruitlessly until we had dinner with the Fernandez family, since they are the ONLY members in our area....

Saturday we seriously spent all morning running around downtown TRYING to find a place that would sell maps and didn't find a single dang one. APPARENTLY we taught someone, because I wrote it in my planner, but I cannot remember for the life of me who it was or what there name was. We also found this guy who doesn't believe in Jesus Christ or God or the bible or any of that, got a return appointment with him though, hahaha. #LETSGO #MAKINGCHRISTIANSOUTOFATHEISTS

Sunday Funday! Church, like I always say, was good good stuff. We didn't have any investigators there, but the other Elders did and I sat with one of theirs because I knew Vilma when I was in their area. The talks were on temples, Pioneer Trek, and Baptism for the Dead so yeah, I was lucky enough to get the chance to explain it all to her lol. After church we went to the hospital because Hna. Lara finally had her twin girls so I HAD to visit! We then ate dinner with Cumberland Spanish at Maria's house. Marta was also there (another member). We then went and tracted a little until we went BACK to Maria's to teach her daughter Vicky who is currently LA because Vicky and I are TIGHT. It was great! We then tracted a little more by our house and were walking and saw like 5 people staring out a window at us so I yell over "COMO ESTÁN" and the woman hears me and opens the door and I promise her a 10 minute lesson and so her and her husband agree and we teach them and they seem to have a lot of potential! Ended the night talking to this hispanic who was HIGH OUT OF HIS MIIIIIIND and all he would tell me is that "God is dead." which baffles me for the simple reason of that if you actually believe in God you'd think he'd live forever, I mean I can understand an atheist but believing in God and just thinking he is dead now is just bizarre.

So that's the week. Chill chill, talk to y'all in 7 days! Less than 10 months to go (crazyyyyy)

My boy (Eder Baird) is on my right (so left of the pic)
Elder Triance and Elder Birch also
downtown selfie tho.
ummmm what....

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