Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 12, 2014

Let's start off with this.....
So yesterday was Mother's Day as we all know so I got to Skype the family! It was super awesome and I loved it and my sister was telling me that she will have the baby this Saturday coming up if she doesn't have it before that and turns out, she had the baby at 3 AM! So I have another nephew! Craziness!
Also, shout out to my PACERS (lol), up 3-1 over the Wizards in the Playoffs! LETS GO PACERS!
Oh, and of course to my Giants with the best record in baseball. #swaggy

Last Monday was Cinco De Mayo so as you already KNOW I partied it up like a boss and did a few keg stands and it was just legit. Nah I actually just went to the Coffins house and then Roman y Mercedes and ate chorizo and loved life. So basically the same thing.

Tuesday I don't really remember it. I know we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and it was absolutely delicious and that we also went to the Coffins again to say goodbye to them (well, my old companion wanted to say goodbye to them.)

So like y'all probably already know, I stayed in my area. My new companion is:
Elder Mancilla. Born in Mexico but grew up in the states. He's 20. He has been out 19 months (OLD MAN!). Already spoke Spanish. He just got made district leader here. Yup.
After transfer meeting we went and visited Hna. Mendez and then taught Maira with Maria De Los Angeles. Maira seems to really have good desires to learn and get her answer, I just don't know how motivated to do what she needs in order to get it!

We also taught Hna. Garfias this week. She currently is on a break from the church because she was having some difficulties and so she is currently attending the Catholic church again. So we just go each week to read with her in the Book of Mormon because she still knows the truth of everything she says, just needs a break. So we are just doing our best to still be there for her when she is ready to return to activity!

Friday night we ate with Roman y Mercedes and afterwards they came with us to Margarita and Alejandro who are currently less active but still have desires to be active, they just have had some hard times with people that have kept them a little at bay. But at the end of the lesson she told us she would love for us to teach her 9 year old son and get him baptized so YAY, will start with that this week!

Saturday was the branch party for Dia de Las Madres and let me just say that it ended with me being the only one still on the dance floor and receiving a round of applause. Hahaha.

That's the week, nothing to exciting! 
Love you all! Talk to you soon! Send me emails friends :D

-Elder Groseclose 

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