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May 19, 2014

Weeeeeeekly Update.... Longest week in a LOOOOONG time. The weeks usually fly but this one was seriously hitting a brick wall. SO MUCH STUFF HAPPENED. I wish I could recap it well but it'll probably suck. Let me start with some announcements:'
-I learned how to solve a Rubik's Cube this week! 5/18/2014 will go down in history as the day I learned! It was pretty dang exciting to finally learn. Thanks Elder Mancilla for teaching me :D
-Pacers mop the floor with the Heat in Game 1 of the Eastern Finals. Lets go Indiana! ha.
-We are going to the Indianapolis Zoo today! It costs a fortune and I freaking hate animals but okay lol.
-Last week when I was at the Library, the guy next to me was in a yelling match with the security woman so I got to be on a police report as a witness. Getting the churches name out there one way or another. 
-I officially have forgotten half of my English vocabulary. The word ATTEND is now permanently changed to ASSIST and the word ADDRESS is now forever DIRECTION. All the other words just left.... Se fueron... ):
Thanks Spanish!

Alright, so what down this week in the dirty White River? (that's my area's name... well White River is at least.)

So all the craziness starts off with a SEEMINGLY NORMAL Preparation Day. We do all the normal stuff and are just preparation day-ing it up. Elder Cozzens while playing volleyball does SOMETHING weird to his ankle and it inflates to the size of a baseball and eventually makes it to a bucket of ice and now it's just nasty and purple. That was foreshadowing for the big stuff though. Monday night we were at the Hernandez house and we get a phone call that an Elder is sick.... so we head over to the Hospital to visit him. It was another Spanish Elder, Elder Paxman. They tell us he will probably be out in two days so we will just be with his companion, Elder Rowberry in a trio for a few days and Paxman would stay in the hospital. 
The next day is made 20x crazier because we had exchanges so I was with Elder Latu and Rowberry for the day. We pretty much just visited Paxman in the hospital and hung out with him there and then went up to Fishers to teach an English class. We met the siiiiiickest people from Spain. I seriously want to be there best friends. I love how they talk, it's hilarious, haha.

Wednesday we stayed in our trio of madness and not much happened though. Lots of moving around to different places to get stuff and all that madness. We did go to get some Mexican food and one of the items was called the Shakira. Tempting...
We did go by Luis Rios and do a little service and have dinner with him, so that was cool.

Thursday was Zone Conference. We found out there that Paxman would not be coming back.... he was going home. So instead of keeping our Trio, Rowberry got sent off to Carmel to make a trio with some elders over there. After conference we had dinner with the Coffins and we got to all say bye to Paxman. Pretty sad ):
We then shared a message with the Coffin family and it was super spiritual and nice. What they needed. We then shared the same message with the Lara family because la hermana is really struggling with here pregnancy. We then went by Margarita y Alejandro and we started teaching their 9 year old son Brian who is now set to be baptized June 7th! :)

Friday was absolutely insane and it's too much to write about, I'd get all stressed out by it. It was a really successful day though, which is why so much happened. Haha. Went with Pres. Coffin to the pizza shop he is going to open and practiced (failed) at making pizzas. We then went and visited a member in the hospital who just had surgery. Had dinner with the Alonso family and then had a crazy long night in Cumberland.... Haha. That's that.

Saturday morning we had correlation with the Branch Mission Leader and afterwards we taught Brian again. He did his reading assignment and really understood it all, he is such a stud! We are gonna teach him every other day most likely so we will be seeing him tonight. It's so cool because through him, we are getting the whole family back into activity! We then found a new investigator named Jose like every other Mexican, but Jose was different. And like DIFFERENT. hahah. He was telling us that he has tried every drug known to man EXCEPT heroine, because he is scared of needles. lol. And he didn't have the money to go to nursing school either to learn how to use needles. So yeah. lol. We also taught a potential named Catalina. She's Adventist and pretty set there, so we will see. Ended the night with Roman y Mercedes eating pizza with Valentina (of course) and watching The Testaments! It was great. :)

Sunday was Sunday. Brian was at church with the whole family and we had dinner with Maria after church. The usual sunday. :D

ELDER Groseclose

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