Monday, December 8, 2014

Nov. 24, 2014

Another week down. Got pretty much confirmation that I will be here for another transfer today from President but that actual calls are next week.

So our week was SO slow. SO slow.

Like there is not much to say because people are all so flaky.

BUT, Branch President's son is home from his mission! It was so weird being there when he got home....... Made me trunky!

Our house got broken into but nothing stolen. Will probably end up moving out. Rain and snow. It's cold.

It's going good though! I promise SORRY THIS IS LAME. I am sorry!


-Elder Jeffrey Aaron Groseclose

i love spanglish
for anyone who asks if i am cold
cops at our house after the break in...
fingerprints from my desk
so..... we got broken into. didn't take anything tho....

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