Monday, December 8, 2014

Nov. 17, 2014

The weeks are flying and the weather is COLD COLD COLD. Snow is officially here to stay and I am pretty bitter about it. Salty is more the word. When you are super mad you are salty. So yeah, I am super salty about the snow. It's already slippery and icy which makes missionary work just 20000x harder than it already is. People stop answering their doors because it's too cold, as if the two kids standing OUTSIDE don't ALREADY REALIZE THAT.

The week was pretty chill. Hit 20 lessons like we are supposed to so that was good.

Had a super HILARIOUS chill/gossip session with some members last night over some hot chocolate and cookies. They are leaving TOMORROW to Tennessee to go pick up their son who is finishing his mission!!!! So next Sunday I get to be at a Missionary Welcome Home sacrament meeting. Will be SUPER weird. Wednesday this week is the official start of 6 MORE MONTHS. Crazy man, crazy. 

So we visited this woman this week, GUESS HER NAME.....
MARIA, yes you were right!!! Maria was rushing because she had to make food and I asked her what she was making and she was like "Well you've never heard of them...." and starts to describe them and I am like "Um, are those not Sopes? I love Sopes!" Her jaw drops in shock that I know what Sopes are and she then lets us teach her a lesson and invites us to stay and eat Sopes for dinner with them, they were amazing and that's what I call a sick new investigator who really likes us. Mexican Food knowledge for the win!!!!

Went by Abraham, who answered the door in booty shorts. Absolutely hilarious. He is a complete hoot.

Met a swarm of Jehovah's Witnesses this week BUT not a single one yelled at me so that was nice. I am building up friendships with them. lol.

Met an absolute babe from Honduras and I will leave that as is.

Just living the life. Cold as can be but that's the life. Once it's down snowing here I get to go back to California, so I can tough it out. 

Not much to say.... sorry!

Keep it real! Let life take!
Elder Jeffrey Aaron Groseclose

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