Monday, November 10, 2014

For all the people who say they SOMEHOW miss me.... haha
Mhmk, glad to get that out of the way. Ha.

Let me start off with my new crazy obsession:
I am 100% obsesssed with sauteeing and steaming fruits and vegetables. Like it's weird. It's all I want to eat. I have just been seriously trying EVERYTHING. I made steamed/sauteed Celery and Carrots with Alfredo sauce. I steamed Celery in Sprite. I made sauteed apples 4 different times. First time: Water and Lemon Juice.
Second: Sprite and Lemon Juice. Then I finished it with sugar.
Third: PURE Sprite with SOME lemon juice at the end. Them I caramelized with Sugar.
Fourth: Water and Lemon juice and sugar. Then topped it with cinnamon and vanilla extract.
I am obsessed and C A N N O T stop. Haha.

Last week....
I am struggling to remember last Tuesday. Apparently I taught a Perla and then an Ernesto, at least that is what I wrote down but I have absolutely ZERO recollection of those lessons. We DID have interviews with President Cleveland though and those went nice. President's first thing he said to me was about the SF Giants winning, HAHA. He is a Dodger's fan. Yuck.

Wednesday I went on exchanges with my MTC Companion, Elder Wolverton, and it was quite fitting seeing as it was our 17 month mark. Weird! We managed to teach lots of people that have absolutely Z E R O interest hahaha. Atleast they let us plant the seed.... 

Thursday was awful. Nothing happened. ZZZZZZZZ.

Friday was SICK though. Had exchanges with Elder Wright here in Elkhart. Man, what DIDN'T we do? We taught a whole heck of a lot of people and then when we were out contacting we decided to get into an intense Photo contest. We were taking photos of everything and then we edited them and printed them out on Saturday and had a bunch of people judge them. I am not exactly sure if the contest is over yet but I am currently ahead 221 to 219..... Oh and I am currently winning for best overall picture too ;) 

Saturday we taught Abraham and he is HILARIOUS. That's all I can really say for him. I hope he can become progressing so we can actually get to know him better.....We also went to the YMCA with some members and played soccer and racquetball and it was super fun!

Not much is happening with no one even remotely CLOSE to baptism. I'll probably be here till January though so hopefully we can get something going fast. It's getting COLD which means lots of sniffles and sweaters coming soon!

Hope you all had a GREAT week and I would like to leave y'all with a SCRIPTURE:

  13 Wherefore, I call upon the weak things of the world, those who are unlearned and despised, to thrash the nations by the power of my Spirit

That's the motto homies, THRASH THE NATIONS. ha. 

Love you all, have a sick week!
-Elder Groseclose
We had to make these "I Pray When" things
Wolverton and I (MTC Comp) turned 17 months together ;)
transfer #12 ha
dinna dinna
felt artsy on exchanges.....
Planner for next transfer ;) (doesn't start until Dec 1st but I got antsy....)

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