Monday, June 10, 2013

First week in the MTC

HOLA! This is my weekly email! Ok so I have 12 minutes left of email time, it''s crazy, we only have 30 minutes! I want to start off by saying I am so grateful for all the emails I got and I am sorry the responses were so short, my time is limited! I am so very appreciative to all you who wrote me :) Please send me letters! Letters we get daily and have as long as we want to write back! PLEASE send me letters. Ok so, got here the first day and it was crazy rushed. Got out of the car and got all my bags and was taken immediately to get my keys and ID and my name tag and was taken straight to class. I walked in and my teacher immediately started speaking in spanish and was trying to tell me to go take some orientation on the computers. It is crazy how they just immerse you in the language immediately. The work here is SO hard! We are in class around 14 hours a day except Sunday and Mondays. My spanish is coming along so fast. The gift of tongues is so true! It blows my mind how I have been able to pick up the language so fast. The food is alright, just like the food in the dorms so nothing new there. My companion is Elder Wolverton and he is from St. George. we are both going to indianapolis. my district has 10 people in it and we are crammed in a very small room! dressing in church clothes daily is such a chore but i better get used to it, eh? haha! Waking up at 6:30 has actually come pretty easy. sorry this is so rushed, i had so much emails! OH! Lessons! I already have given to lessons to our investigator Tomas. the second day we got here we were told we had to teach a lesson in spanish! it was abysmal, it'''s crazy because i was able to fully understand what he would reply to us, but i had no idea how to communicate back. the Lord's work is so true and it''s amazing how good it feels to be here. everyone is happy and optimisic and it''s so weird only being called elder groseclose. i have lived with these people for a week and i don''t even know there names! ahhh 5 minutes left, sorry this letter is abrupt but i want to add pictures now so i am gonna do that. WRITE ME, I HAVE REALIZED IT'''S MUCH EASIER! :) but for people sending me pictures or TV show updates, emails work but i may not reply but know i read them! ahh i can''t see what pictures i am sending SORRY hope they are good!

 Jeff's name tag that he will sport 24/7 for the next 2 years!
 Elder Groseclose's MTC district
 Still the same Jeff we know and love!
Elder Groseclose and his MTC Branch president and his wife.

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