Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 3: MTC life

Hmmmm, another week DONE at the MTC. This week was by far the fastest. It seriously flew so fast. This week I really felt like things started to come together. The language is picking up, we were able to go into lessons and just speak what we thought and not need to write out how to say words. The language is starting to pump through my blood haha. The lessons are more effective and you feel a whole lot better about them when you know how to say the words you want to say! 

Got to meet the Mission Presidents who will preside over me in Indiana! They were so awesome. There are going to be 250 missionaries in Indiana when I get there, 242 English, 8 Spanish. It's crazy how I am one of those eight. I was selected by God because he knew I could do it and I must be needed in the lives of these hispanics. I guess our plane will have 21 flying out with us on july 16thbut only 3 of us are even here right now in the MTC: my companion and I and a kid here learning English from Fortaleza Brazil. It was such an awesome experience to use our spanish (which Portuguese can mostly understand) with him and him use his portuguese/spanish with us. He is pretty much bilingual! I guess the other 21 all come in like on july 1and will just fly out with us, they are all americans speaking english so they don't have to be here long.

 Last night was AWESOME! There was a worldwide broadcast with 11/12 church apostles there. It was so cool to be so close and have them speak directly about us missionaries. Facebook for missionaries? WHAT? This is definitely a new age and the church really knows how to progress the work to be more effective in these days. I heard I was on the broadcast also because I was singing in the choir, how cool am I? HA! 

Well, like I always say, not much happens here other than learning. I can't wait to get in the field and have awesome stories and experiences to tell. I know that it's just gonna get better and better! 

Until next week!
Elder Groseclose
Elder Horvorka and I
At the temple 

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