Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Hola! I am now on day 27! 15 more days to go and I'll be on a plan to Indiana! I get my travel plans THIS FRIDAY! Ahhh! I am so stoked! It's a little stressful to think that I only have 15 more days of Spanish prep but I am at the point where I know enough that I'd be just fine speaking and teaching people in the language! This past week was so cool! On Tuesday the devotional was of Janice Kapp Perry who writes all kinds of church songs, including Army of Heleman and Sisters of Zion so as an MTC we sang a new version she wrote of the medley and she sang to us also and it was such an awesome experience. It's crazy how music can really bring about so much good! My zone is awesome! You get so close to people but then they just all leave week by week but it is life. I constantly want to write in Spanish but I don't want to confuse people so I am refraining.... I constantly find myself hearing things in English and thinking of it in Spanish, it is taking over! I wonder how bad my English grammar and spelling has gotten..... Anyways, everything is profressing fine. Just teaching our investigators and having to deal with some pretty tough questions but it's good that they are testing us here so much. Something funny, I am always tired in night class because I just require so much sleep and I guess my teacher thought I had ADD because I am always tired so he had the Branch President ask me if I needed to see the MTC psychologist to see if I had ADD, I politely denied that idea real quick, my sleep patterns just suck! In other exciting news, Stadium of Fire is on Thursday and we get to be outside for it and hear the music and see the Fireworks, MISSIONARY DREAM!!! Actual music! The temple is closed for the next six weeks so no more of that for us, sad sad. Atleast it gave me time for a nap this morning. In 3 days I'll be a 1/24th of the way done here, not bad eh? ha! Well, sorry I am so boring, but like I always say, not much things happen here so looks like time just keeps passing, soon soon I will have enthralling stories for you!
-Elder Groseclose 

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