Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 2 in the field

Week 2 in the mission field. Man it's A LOT of work. I am always exhausted. 

ANYWAYS, it sucks sitting down to write the email and forgetting everything that happened this past week. 

So last week for Preparation Day we went to this really yummy pizza place called Zwanzinga (or something like that) and that was amazing! We then went and got our bikes and now 500$ later, I had a brand new bike! I forgot to take a picture of it I just realized so I will have to do that next week.

On Tuesday we went to the Richard's for dinner and the Achievement Days girls in our ward made us dinner and it was actually really good! It was this amazing breaded and seasoned chicken with cheesy breadsticks and spaghetti, BOMB!!!!

On Wednesday I got attacked by a dog while riding my bike. We were just on the bike/walking trail and out of nowhere this teenagers dog comes hauling away from his owner and bites me. I looked in my wrist and there was a fast hole and I could see the bone! It was disgusting. We immediately turned around and showed the Branch President because we live with them and he took us to the Stake President's medical office and now two stiches later, I am doing just fine!

The missionary work here is hard. Working with the hispanics you get the excuse of "work" nonstop. We go and tract (knock doors and hope for the best) in trailor parks mostly because that's where we find the most success. The people are always super nice, listen to us talk, give us water, and then never answer the door again when we go back. It's kinda disheartening! The worst though is when we have set appointments and the people cancel on us last minute and then our backups don't answer either and we are left tracting random houses and desperately searching for hispanics!

Last night though we had an awesome experience. So last week we decided to go tracting and we came by this guy and asked if we could speak with him and he agreed so we just talked a little bit and then did some service for him and took down this big tent he put up for his daughters birthday party. We then set a return appointment and left. When we got home we looked him up in the area book and saw his wife went to church a bunch and was a former investigator and he was too but he wasn't attending church or as interested. We went to the return appointment and he was busy and it took us another week to get ahold of him which was last night. We asked to share a short message and he agreed and his wife listened too and the lesson was so powerful. When we started, the kids were playing and being loud and about five minutes in they made them leave because you could see how engrossed they became in our lesson. It all changed there and it was just SO POWERFUL that we invited them to baptism and Ninel the wife started to cry and they both said yes. It was such an amazing experience and now we are working with them to try and prepare them to be baptised September 7th. 

All our other investigators are just floating by. We teach them, they say they love it, we invite them to pray and read and they commit to do it and then never do. It's so frustrating. WE HAVE THE TRUTH AND THEY HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO KNOW IT AND THEY WON'T PUT IN THE EFFORT! Ay carumba!!! 

Well, not much else to talk about, just a lot of the previous paragraph happening. Although, mom you would love to know, that we did service on Thursday and I mowed her lawn. For anyone who doesn't know, that was the first time I have ever mowed a lawn, haha!

Oh, and the people we live with have their son and his wife and 2 young kids living with them and so this morning we had crepes with them and got party hats, woooooo!

Elder Groseclose
Jeff and his companion 
Jeff's injury 

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