Monday, July 15, 2013

Last week in the MTC!

ONE MORE DAY!!! Indianapolis tomorrow! I have to be ready and packed to go at 3:30 AM and then I fly to Detroit and then to Indianapolis, I am so excited! This week has been such a long drag because we have all just been anxiously waiting to leave. Last night we had a devotional and it was very interesting. The guy called random people out of the crowd to share their conversion to the church stories and one guy said he was really into this girl but then her family adopted him because he was in a bad home and so they like had to stop dating because it was his adopted sister and it was just weird. People are definitely interesting, haha! It's crazy to think that all our Spanish lessons on grammar are done and now it's just down to perfecting it and learning new words daily until we are professionals! 6 of the Elders in my district left this morning so now it's just gonna be 4 of us at class tonight, it's gonna be so sad. It's crazy how fast you grow to love the people you work with. In other news, there were protesters outside the temple yesterday and one guy was yelling at us "Don't worship Joseph Smith! Jesus is the way!" and we were all like ummmm yes sir we agree haha! It was funny because everything the protesters said we believed in also they were just ill-informed so it'll be cool to go out into the world and teach people that Mormons are actually normal people.... Just asked my companion what else happened this week and neither of us can think of anything.... It truly was just a waiting game this week. Tomorrow is the big day, the truth mission begins! 
Elder Groseclose with Vick on a stick
Branch president and his wife

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