Monday, July 8, 2013

Week 5. One more week till INDIANA!

Hola! Oy es dia 34 (Today is day 34! can't do accents on this computer SORRY for you Spanish speakers). Es loco pensar que hemos (mi distrito and yo) sobrevivido un mes! un semana mas. Okay, enough of that Spanish, I am probably boring y'all to death. Anyways it was another awesome week in the Missionary Prison Center, sorry Missionary Training Center, computer must have autocorrected it.... The district ahead of us just left this morning so I am sad about that because I was super close and good friends with them (closer than to my own district). Stayed up way past the missionary bed time last night with them having a queso party, I know, I am so crazy huh?
I am so excited to leave for Indiana in 8 days but it's starting to get scary because I am realizing that as good as I think I am, I have so much more Spanish to learn and my vocabulary is nowhere near where I want it.  Today we have temple cleaning. Provo Temple is closed until August and we get to go and clean it today, I have heard it's actually super fun! We lose a lot of our PDay because we clean for like 4 hours but esta bien. It's just gotten to the point in the MTC where we are the group with the highest seniority in our Zone so it just really feels like it's time to get out of here.
Got my travel plans on Saturday! Flying out on the 16th and flying to Detroit and then from Detroit we head to Indianapolis, the final stretch is here!
This past Thursday as you all know was 4th of July and so we got to stay up until 11 and watch the Fireworks coming out of the BYU Football stadium, it was so fun! (hahah, this is the only place where you'll see 3000 18-21 year olds cheering for an 11PM bedtime). I have grown so much here, it's unbelievable. I am still my crazy old self but I really feel like being here I am finding out what really is important in life. The people here are amazing and I am just so blessed to have all these people around me. On Sunday it was my first fast Sunday as a missionary and boy was that brutal, the cafeteria didn't open until 5:45 and when it did it was 3000 starving people rushing a cafeteria with 8 workers plating food, HIJOLE!!!
Y'all wanna hear a secret? The bookstore sells this nifty thing called extend a button that makes it so you have more neckspace with your button up collar shirts, it's seriously MAGICAL, I have been breathing easy lately.
Well everyone, 8 days until I am in Indiana! It's crazy, 8 days and I'll be teaching people all about the Church IN SPANISH. 6 weeks ago I could say Hola and now I am having to explain an entire religion to people, it blows my mind. I'm ready to leave, I'm ready to serve!
-Elder Jeffrey Aaron Groseclose

Jeffrey got his favorite meal in the MTC! 

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