Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Week two

Well let's see, can I just start off saying that this is the most exhausting place in the world. You are NEVER able to just relax, except today! (even though we still have class from 6:30-9:30, still better than 1:00-9:30 I guess....) It's so hard to have a weekly email because not much happens in the MTC except lots of learning so I don't have much to say but I have some funny things that happened w/ our spanish this week. So we have mock investigators we work with that act they are real people who want to learn about the church so we teach them lessons in spanish, so funny stuff happens, here are a few:
someone didn't know the word for feelings so he had to draw a picture of a heart to try and explain it.
creer means believe, crear means create. in someones lesson they accidently said they created God and the Book of Mormon as opposed to saying they believed in it....
we wanted to say that the spirit is strong (fuerte) but someone accidentally said dead (muerte) instead. that was weird....
and in my prayer I completely lost my train of thought and I was just gonna end it and say "Lets have a good time", but "we have" is tenemos so it'd be "tenemos bueno tiempo" but I said tiene instead which is "you have" which means I pretty much told God to have a good time, i am sure he totally loved that.... our investigator totally laughed during the prayer.
what else is going on here.... well we have 4 50 minute gym times a week which is lame and not enough. the volleyball here is worse than it was my sophomore year of high school volleyball, it's pathetic! i miss really playing. that being said i have had to now just revert to playing 4 square which is actually quite fun, even if i did have to sit out last class for 5 minutes because i dove for the ball which is against the MTC rules, they want to keep us from getting hurt so we can still go out in the field when we are ready. this one girl broke here arm and has to stay 5 extra weeks, UGH. poor thing. the food here is nothing special, it's just like the food at the dorm LAME. in other news, send more letters homies, they are the best ever. nothing sucks more than seeing someone get 4 letters and you walk away with zero, i've written back everyone who mailed me i just think the mail place is slow so sorry if you haven't got replies yet! spanish is progressing and we are all getting more sleep deprived as the days go by but eventually this'll become easy, right??? i miss television, i'll admit that. i need my trashy tv shows that involve drama over the stupidest things. haha. hmmm, well not much else has happened, SORRY! in about 5 weeks these letters will be amazing because i'll finally be in indianapolis living the true missionary life!
much love to you all!
-elder groseclose
View from the Provo temple 
Failed room checks...hahah! 
Purple tie day! The zone. 
Mom sent donuts! 
My classroom
Elder Fitzen, from my zone 
Elder Mcleeve from my district
My friend from BYU

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