Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 69! What a crazy week. Wow. Wow.

MONDAY: Monday was preparation day, as always, and it was a totally awesome one! We played lots of volleyball (YAY!) It was a low net so kills were easy so it wasn't TOO legit, but it's a start! I made some cherry chip cookies and shared with the family we live with and they loved them! 

TUESDAY: Today was my first exchange! So the mission is set up where there is a Mission President who is over the entire mission and he assigns all the missionaries to their areas and their companions and all that jazz. He then has two Elders who are his assistants, his "go-to" people and they send out all the announcements to the zone leaders. There are about, I think, 5 zones. Those five zone leaders then send announcements to the district leaders in the zone, and finally each district leader gives the messages to the companionships in his district, SO ANYWAY, since my companion is a district leader, I spent Tuesday on an exchange with one of the zone leaders speaking English for the day, yay! We taught a man named Brother Fillmore and when we walked in I heard the Investigation and Discovery crime channel little jingle and he was watching my favorite murder mystery shows! I about died! I miss that channel!!! We gave him a blessing after and it was just an awesome experience. 

WEDNESDAY: Today we had Zone Training. The zone leaders just give a training for 3 hours and we just learn how to become better missionaries. Afterwards a bunch of us missionaries all went to a place called China Buffet and it was awesome, I miss asian food (well, amereican asian food...) and then after China Buffet we went home for study and then had dinner with Hermano Bejar. We taught Manuel about requirements for baptism and hope he received it well. It's so hard to get the hispanics to follow through on commitments, grr! Then at the Nehring's (where we live), the Nanez family (investigators) brought their 3 sons to Boy Scouts and we got to teach them in the Nehring's house and we had El Guapo (the Nehring's older son who runs Boy Scouts, yes everyone calls him El Guapo, haha!) and Sister Nehring in the lesson with us. It was an awesome lesson, I loved the experience. 

THURSDAY: Today Elder Oliva (my companion) had a training for District Leaders in Indianapolis so I went on an exchange with Elder Russel in Franklin. I got 5 new ties from Goodwill for 10 bucks and we taught these people in their trailer and it started out awkward but the people completely opened up and you could just see the change in them and it was SUCH an awesome experience. I loved the people, it's crazy how fast you come to just adore the people here. 

FRIDAY: Another exchange. Wow. Since Elder Oliva is district leader, he conducts exchanges within our District so I was in English land. It was a pretty awful exchange. Nothing happened and we just biked in heat for hours to have no one answer their door. Solid. We did go to an awesome family for dinner though and the mom was so sassy and sarcastic and it totally reminded me of home! 

SATURDAY: We taught people and it was just a cool day. You don't want to hear all my lessons so I'll refrain, but it was a good day! We did however have a difficult lesson with Familia Nanez, but it just gets me more motivated to really help them understand gaining faith through prayer!

SUNDAY: AWESOME DAY!!! Our branch hasn't had more than 2 investigators at church in YEARS and we managed to get 5 investigators there! The branch was so excited! Zaida, Familia Jaimez, and Familia Nanez all came, we were stoked! We had dinner at the Nehring's house with the Zone Leaders and taught an investigator, Francisco and I hope he keeps his commitments. We then just visited with a part member family in the branch, Catalina and David.

All in all, a great week! My emails are strictly missionary work related, no comedy or anything, sorry! It's probably because missionary work is ALL WE DO! Haha! Se amo!

Elder Groseclose

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