Monday, August 19, 2013

Day..... 76! Wow! I go home in exactly 21 months from today. That's weird...
Anyways, lets do this again!

MONDAY: P-Day, as always. We played Basketball and Volleyball with the other Elders and one of the guys we teach, Arturo. He's the guy I cooked for and he's just totally awesome. Afterwards he had us over for dinner and we had the most amazing BBQ pizza. Seriously divine. 

TUESDAY: Exchange! I was on an exchange with Elder Combs, who speaks no Spanish and we were in SPANISH area. We had our district meeting in the morning and then it was off to work! So I was completely in charge of everything. It was scary. I taught 4 full lessons all by myself in Spanish. I was amazed that I was able to do it. It's crazy how these missions work! We had dinner with Familia Mijangos in the ward and they are just such an awesome family!

WEDNESDAY: Today we had an entire missionwide training in Fishers. It's about an hour and a half north from where I serve in Columbus. Elder Switzer (from the 70) and his wife came. It was a great training and we learned so much but it was 6 hours and 6 hours of anything is exciting, especially when I had to drive home after. Blah. OH! So there is no Panda Express in Columbus or near us but there was one in Fishers so I FINALLY got my first Panda since leaving home! It was AMAZING. I got a 9 dollar box of it to go also, LOL. That night we helped a family move out, they're moving to Wisconsin where his Hot Sauce company is based.

THURSDAY: So the guy we helped move, he totally underestimated how much stuff he had and so this morning me and my companion and the other elders in their ward had to pack another 17 foot truck. Just us. It was a lot of work to say the least. Everyone who helped Wednesday night didn't  come to help the next morning so it was purely ELDERS. Haha. After we went with the other Elders to China Buffet for lunch and it was great as always. That night we had dinner at the Richards and we had Shwarma (spelling?) It's like Mediterranean Tacos. They were awesome! We then had two lessons with Familia Jaimez and Nanez with Bro. Richards. It's so great having members come, they just have that experience!

FRIDAY: I forgot to write in my Journal for Friday.... What did I do... Hmmmm. Looking at the numbers it wasn't too productive. We went by a lady named Sister Lopez in the ward and she is older and so she doesn't understand all the rules so while we were doing service for her she spanked me.... Like a nice playful one.... So weird. lol. Only taught one lesson and it's to this lady named Zaida from Puerto Rico. She just got out of a coma where she says she met God so she's like super open to the message. So that's cool... Ha. OH! I remember! We went tracting in Area 2 and this lady talked to us for an hour and a half about her religious beliefs and like trashed the church and it was just incredibly interesting. 

SATURDAY: Happy Birthday Mom! Today we taught some less actives Felix y Angelica and they fed us dinner which was awkward because right after we went to Seymour which is a town full of Hispanics about 30 minutes away and one of the sisters there from our district had her birthday that day too (like mommy!) and so went to Cracker Barrel to dinner and my companion said "What the fetch is Cracker Barrel?" hahaha yes, we say fetch... LOL. The hispanics LOVE Groseclose and always laugh at me and make jokes about it. This guy in Seymour called Chocolate (right?!) was making jokes nonstop about Groseclose, ha!

SUNDAY: Welp, Sunday! It was a great day of Church. Zaida and Familia Nanez came. When Zaida walked in, I shook her hand and she pulled me in and kissed my cheek. I hope no one saw. My companion was dying lying. It was funny but.... different. Not used to the culture... or kisses on my mission lol. That night we taught Familia Jaimez and visited our Ward Mission Leader because we think he has Lyme's Disease so he's super sore. 

All in all, another great week. I am absolutely loving it here. I love Columbus, my ward, and the people I serve. It's definitely difficult, but I am finding the good. Spanish is Spanish. Better every day. Working hard. LOVING IT. 

Elder Groseclose

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