Saturday, August 31, 2013

FIRST TRANSFER, DONE. Wow. Well, I am done with my first six week transfer! We got the message last night and me and my companion are both staying here together in Columbus for another transfer! We are so excited. We have so much good things coming with our investigators and the ward loves us and was so happy to hear we are staying, we are truly changing the area, it's amazing! 

I want to add a little more to this weekly email so you can all understand my experiences here better, I want to talk specifically about each of our investigators. We may not have much, but they are all awesome people!

Arturo y Ana: Love them! They have been to church for a month straight. They are the people I helped cater a Quincinera for. They love to feed us and their kids adore us. Their boys all attend Scouts and it's awesome to see them being fellowshipped. One of their sons is almost in his teens and doesn't like Church as much as the younger 2 but we believe that he will eventually come around when he sees the awesome changes in his dad, Arturo and the sweet spirit his mom has in her earnest search for the truth. They are an amazing family and I truly have so much love and care for them! They also have a dog named Coquetea (It means "she flirts"! haha!) and we all call her my girlfriend because she loves me. She is a small little I don't know what kind.... She did pee on me though, whoops.

Luis y Marilu: They have two young kids and we tracted into them (knocked doors and found them). They have no religious background so it's definitely a different experience. We are providing their whole foundation for faith and we have to talk it really slow with them and help them understand the basics like prayer and scripture study. They also have to ask us how to pray, it's crazy to see that some people really just have no basic religious beliefs in their lives. They have come to church once and we are working on trying to get them back!

Ulices: Single guy who kinda lives with his girlfriend. Yes, kinda lives with her. It's weird because she has a store where she sells dresses attached to the house so he is forced to let her stay there but I don't know what their relationship is like because most hispanics just call a girlfriend their wife but he calls her his girlfriend, so who knows. She doesn't like mormons though so we teach him on the porch. He hasn't been progressing but last lesson was so powerful and he accepted a baptisimal date, so we will see!!!

Francisco: Kinda the same deal as Ulices! But he has actually been reading and loves the Joseph Smith story! He is super cool and humble and this week he said he had no desire to drink! He constantly asks if he is a good person and really tries hard!!!

Manuel y Ninel: Former investigators that we knocked into and found again. They are hard to get to keep commitments but they are such a cool family! They have two kids who seriously are obsessed with us!!! I always look forward to visiting them! They accepted baptism invitations but haven't really progressed past that.

Zaida: She kissed me in church! Haha! Zaida is an awesome Puerto Rican lady in her 50-60's, no se. She is super interested and loves church! We haven't been able to teach her lately because it's been raining when we go over and we can't teach inside the house because the daughter hates people, literally, and Zaida lives with her daughter so we can't go in. Sad. But, I think all is well there!

Well, that's about it on investigators.

I will briefly just now give some highlights from the week....

Flew off my bike and flew 10 feet and it flew over me and hit me in the head and I scraped up my elbow, all on one of the main roads in town, yes, everyone saw and it was embarassing. Tore up my shirt and ruined it but all else was well. My companion was dying laughing. Lucky me. 

Had dinner with the Hind's family on Tuesday and they found out how picky I am with food and Sister Hinds was convinced it was a texture problem I have so she asked me "Do you like to roll around in blankets because it feels great on your skin?" Everyone started dying laughing and it was very interesting, haha! 

At Boy Scouts on Wednesday we were playing a game and in it I picked up Guapo's (our ward mission leader) son a little and swung him to the side and accidentally swung him into Arturo y Ana's son and knocked him to the concrete. Whoops. 

Thursday the Richard's feed us CAJUN PASTA, delicious!

Friday we had zone meeting and after we went with the Sisters to Texas Roadhouse and I about died of happiness. 

Fell asleep a little in a lesson. Cool.

Taught Arturo y Ana with the Nehrings (family we live with, branch president) how to hold a Family Home Evening. We played Apples to Apples and one of the cards was "Masculine" so you have to put in the most masculine card, so Sister Nehring puts in "Cleaning the Bathroom" and Ana picks it as the most masculine to make Arturo thing that would make him look manlier if he cleaned the bathroom, haha!

Sunday was Arturo's birthday!!!

Well, that sums up my week!

Love you all, have a great week!

Yo espero oir de ustedes SOON!

Con mucho amor, Elder Groseclose!

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