Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Day 91! Hahaha, bizarre! It's already another week into a transfer, the time flies, it's so crazy. We are just nonstop working and then it's magically P-Day. 

This letter I have less time so I am just going to write a long blurb and call it good.... 

SO, last monday was of course Preparation Day but also my sister Lauren's birthday! So weird not talking to her or texting her on her birthday, wahhh. For P-Day we played a badminton tournament at the church with Elder Combs and Knudsen and I won, YAY! We played Volleyball after and I hit the ball so hard into Knudsen that he fell over and his face was beaming, bahahaha. We then went to this Ice Cream Parlor/Restaraunt/Museum place called Zaharakos for lunch. If you've been to the Mickey Mouse Ice Cream place on Hollywood Blvd, it's like that.

 Tuesday morning we did service at Manuel's house helping him replaster his roof for the rain. We then taught Zaida and I got a bunch of flavor Aloe Vera drinks from the Mexican store, I am OBSESSED! Later that night we went to Arturo's house for dinner and Ana was at school because she's taking classes now to help people with there taxes. Anyways, Arturo made us AMAZING tacos and then we taught him about how to receive answers to prayers. On the bike ride home I popped my tire and the other Elders had to pick us up and take us home. Atleast I beat Elder Oliva 100-22 at Ping Pong! 

On Wednesdaymorning, Marc Nehring (the people we live with's son) took us to get my tire fixed and then after we rode over and visited Sister Lopez and she said I looked fatter, awesome. I definitely weigh LESS haha. That night we went to the Mijango's and they said I look THINNER, so ironic it happened in the same day!!! Anyways, after Sis Lopez we went to the Taco Bell and I tried the new Fiery Taco, SOOOO GOOOOOOD. There were a bunch of creepy goth kids outside Taco Bell and Elder Oliva said "I think they are going to molest us" because in Spanish "molestar" means to attack, not like in English! Haha!

On Thursday we did service for Sister Lopez and then went to the Mexican store and I bought more Aloe Drinks haha. We taught Zaida and then had dinner at the Richards. Thursday are usually ineffective due to 3 hours of weekly planning.

Friday! On Friday I had a dream about Lauren and Carter! Carter was choking and I saved him so he kept poking my forehead saying "I love you Jeppy!!!" I wanted to stay in that dream for so much longer!!!! After that we went to walk the Bejar's dogs and they gave us this cake they bought from the Mexican store and I didn't eat any because I didn't feel like it and Elder Oliva did and he said it tasted weird and we looked and it had alcohol in it! Haha!!! That night we went with Guapo to Arturo y Ana's and taught them a Plan of Salvation overview!!!!

Saturday. 106 degrees and humid. Death. Death.
Anyways, this investigator that the Sister's found us in Seymour (a town 30 minutes away) was in Columbus so we got to teach him for the first time! We taught the Restoration at the chapel and it was awesome. He loved the building and even came to church the next day! That night Arturo y Ana had a party for their son Koko (Isaac) and so much of the ward came, it's so awesome seeing them being fellowshipped! The food was PERFECT. Best taco meat EVER. During the party though a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE storm came bigger than I have EVER seen in my life. Thunder and Lightning for legit over an hour and BUCKETS of rain. It was INSANE. And I got to drive in it! It was AMAZING.

Sunday we had Break the Fast at the Hammond's and Arturo y Ana came and nothing else really happened Sunday.

Yesterday was P-Day and the library was closed, so that's why I am mailing today! We played Badminton, Volleyball, and Basketball. Elder Knudsen like destroyed his ankle and we had good tacos for lunch at Poblanita Taqueria. Okay, that's all! 

Yo extrano todos de ustedes! Pero, la obra es muy divertido y yo estoy muy agradecido por la oportunidad que yo tengo para aprender espanol and usarlo cada dia. la obra tal vez puede ser dificil algunas veces, pero yo se que mediante fe, todas las cosas son posible!

I love you all! Tengan un buena semana!
Elder Groseclose.

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