Sunday, September 15, 2013

Totally forgot about this! Got distracted with all my other emails. So sorry. This one will be super brief! I forgot my journal so I can't remember what happened this week because we do so much! Wednesday was district meeting and then after we taught a recent convert and just tried to help her be motivated and more positive. Then the Bejar's bought us Chipotle and we taught Arturo that night at Boy Scouts! Thursday was an interesting day to say that least.... We traveled to Seymour with a member and taught a guy Marcelino who is awesome and then we had weekly planning and studies scattered throughout the day and didn't accomplish much. We did go to the Creasy's for dinner though and they have an amazing garden of vegetables and fruits, it's so cool to see! Friday was AWFUL, we tracted all day and tried to teach and we ended the day with 0's. Bleh. Saturday we decided to tract in this trailor park outside Columbus and got a new investigator and taught these former investigators. Then we proselyted outside Mi Tierra (a tienda) and made contacts there and then we taught to less active lessons and they went great! Yesterday was church and it was awesome as always! We then watched Lamb of God with Arturo y Ana and that's pretty much the weeky, sorry it's so lame! 

My companion is so funny lol. And just pictures of me pretending to be cool... and how hispanics eat watermelon.... and just weird pictures. Yup, I am still weird.

Love you all! 

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