Monday, September 16, 2013

Day Number 104! Haha! That puts me about about 1/7 of the way through. Wow. Anyway, time for the regular:

Monday: We had our usual P-Day! Emails, Walmart, Food, and Sports! We had our usual badminton tournament and I won, yay! I love Badminton haha. Then we played basketball with our investigator Arturo and it was way fun! After he had us over for dinner and it was amazing quesadillas! They used to own a restaurant and are AMAZING cooks! He then took us to our lesson with Ulices after and even invited Ulices to church! He is so amazing! 

Tuesday: District meeting in the morning and then we went to lunch at China Buffet with Elders Combs and Knudsen. We then did service with Arturo y Ana helping clean up the yard of this abandoned house because the lady who lives next door says it makes her house look awful! The story behind it is super crazy. I will give a brief summary! This couple lived there with their daughter who was 28 and the daughter got caught up with the wrong people and these 2 guys asked her if she knew anywhere that'd be easy to rob and she told them of this older lady who was partly deaf. When the guys went to rob the house, the lady woke up and came downstairs so they killed her and other stuff happened but the girl got implicated for murder because of it so the couple had to mortage the house to help with her lawyer bills and all this stuff, crazy huh?

Wednesday: We tracted. We got no results. The usual that comes from tracting. We did teach Zaida though and taught a recent convert Jacie after. Totally hilarious. That night we had dinner with Arturo y Ana again and shared a message with them. :)

Thursday: Day 100! Haha. In the morning we helped Sister Nehring patch holes in the walls and then paint the entire basement wherever there were marks. We then had much success in teaching three lessons and had dinner with the Mijangos that night. She made this rice with cheese and cream and corn and it was super delicious and this amazing, I believe, Argentinian type of meat. It was awesome!

Friday: Complete mess other than that we taught Ulices with Guapo.

Saturday! Great day! Elder Knudsen came to Spanish land and we had exchanges! We tracted for 3 hours and got nothing but a potential but it was still nice because the weather is AMAZING right now! We also managed to set up a return appointment that went through. We then tried Proselyting outside of one of the mexican tiendas and got a few contacts and we hope to see from fruit from that labor! We taught this older couple who sells bread outside the tienda and they talked A LOT. It was an interesting lesson! She has very strong faith though so maybe it can become something? Then we taught Francisco a quick lesson and that night Arturo y Ana had over all the missionaries in Columbus (10 of us!) for dinner! They made a bunch of tamales and they were DELICIOUS! It was so cool seeing all the missionaries eating together with our amazing investigators! Such a cool awesome experience! 

Sunday: We woke up at 6 to head out to a church meeting an hour away and then we had just an hour of church (sacrament meeting). It was an interesting morning. It was Andrew's birthday today! He lives with us and he turned 2! He is so adorable and it made me miss my little buddy Carter! We taught Raul y Odaris and I feel really good about them! They loved the restoration movie! We also got our first ever referral today! The sisters knew how special it'd be so they decorated it and delivered it to us in an envelope all decorated, haha!

All in all, we taught 13 other lessons this week! It is our record by far. It was such a successful week. The Spanish is just spilling out and I don't even have to think about it. It is SO cool. I love getting better cada dia! I am so blessed to be here!

Estoy disfrutando la experiencia que yo estoy experimentando. es increible para mi para pensar que tres meses pasadas, yo no hable nada en espanol, sino horita, yo puedo hablar muchas palabras sin pensando. yo no soy perfecto en la idioma, sino estoy tratando y aprendiendo y esa es la bendicion.

I love you all, thank you!
Elder Groseclose

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