Monday, September 30, 2013

First off, what a miracle a mission is. All you do is constantly watch the hand of God guide you.

Monday: Welp, last monday started off weird. We got a call from two of the members both asking if we were alive or whether we were hit by a truck and killed. Hmph. Turns out a biker in a white shirt and tie that works at Cummins got hit and people thought it was us. He turned out okay so you can all laugh now. Ha. As a district we went to Zaharako's for lunch. Look it up. It's so cool. This old fashion ice cream parlor. Had our normal Badminton tournament and I am now back-to-back-to-back-to-back champion. Things are getting pretty serious with it now. Hahaha. We also played this game called chair soccer. You get a gym and 4 people who all have their own chair and you put them in the 4 corners. You then throw up a soccer ball and you all go crazy and try to kick the ball to hit someones chair, if your chair is hit, you're out. You go until someone is left. Ta-da! Simple yet magical! We then had dinner with Shawna who was one of our concerned members who thought we were hit by a truck. We arrived like living angels to her house and she was happy to see our bodies still workable. We then exchanged with the Zone Leaders and so I was with Elder Harris, who was actually Brett Smith (my BYU roomate) trainer! SMALL WORLD.

Tuesday: So we had district meeting in the morning and then just went home for break after. Totally lame morning. Then when we tried to leave to go out and work, Elder Harris didn't fit on Elder Oliva's bike so he spent 45 minutes trying to fix it and eventually resolved that he couldn't. It was just a mess. We proselyted outside of Mexican stores and it was really funny listening to Elder Harris try to use spanish. I was dying haha. We never got to teach anyone but we did have dinner that night with the Mijangos and she made us this diviiiine asian food. YUM.

Wednesday: Exchanged back so I got my little hispanic back, ha. I was ridiculously tired this day. It was awful. I am currently yawning as I think about it. We tracted and this girl asked us if we were the "People who believe in a different Jesus". I was so confused, like what does that even mean? Hahaha. I fell asleep for like 15 seconds in a Less Active Lesson, that was awful. After that we went to Walmart and got the ghetto asian food they sell there like at Supermarkets and then found this random mini beach in a grove of trees and ate there and just pretended like we were on a beach obviously.... We then taught Arturo y Ana with Sister Nehring!

Thursday: So we have this investigator in Seymour which is forever away, so we took the car from Columbus 2 and went and taught him and it was totally cool and then we had lunch after at Chili's, freaking YUM YUM. And this Chili's is launching like this pilot program with these electronic devices that you get on your table, it is weird, you pay from your table with your card by yourself now. You'll see it soon California! Then we just had never ending Weekly Planning, taught Familia Jaimez and went to the Panaderia with the Columbus 2.2 sisters and feasted on mexican bread. yum.

Friday: So, we did service all day. Spent 4 hours (whoops) making Empanadas with Sis. Lopez and then after that we had to go set up for the Branch Fiesta. Then we had the fiesta. It went amazing and so many non members came, so awesome! 

Saturday: So today there was this huge marathon in Columbus so we pretty much had to stay in until the roads opened again. We then went tracting in this trailor park in Edinburgh because we had plenty of miles left. We found a new investigator and then accidentally knocked into a Jehovah's Witness and she talked at us for like 35 minutes and then told us to return soon so she can teach us more. lol. That was fun. We then went by Familia Vaiz and they made me eat ants. Not like normal ants, huge ants from Mexico. So awful. Then we went to Familia Jaimez for their sons birthday party and they kept wanting me to drink Tequila so I can "learn to fly"

AHHH! the computer is about to kick me off, i will do Sunday next week! I have to send this. love you all bye!

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