Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 7361279, but in reality, Day 125. And the end of my third transfer and 2nd in the field, which officially makes me DONE with training. That's nice! I have no words to even BEGIN to describe these last 2 transfers. They have been LONG, they have been difficult, they have been A L O T of work, they have been exhausting, but, they have been FUN. How much I have learned and grown and seen in these past few months is unexplainable. I can't even wrap my head around it. And to think I still have somewhere near 590 days to go is really cool but also bizarre. Time is an interesting concept...

MONDAY: Last monday, the usual, PREPARATION DAY. Zone Preparation day though so all the missionaries in the zone who wanted to came down to good old Columbus and we hung out at the church playing Chair Soccer and Dodgeball. Of course, being me, I made an alliance in chair soccer to make sure I did as good as possible. Not being a soccer player, it was my natural instinct to use my witty ways and make allliances and welp, I won. It sure made me miss all my TV shows of who can outlie who, bahaha. Then P-Day ended and we exchanged and Elder Combs came to Spanish land for the night! 

TUESDAY: Our real exchange was today. We biked around trying to find people and of course everything, naturally, fell through that we had planned. Expected. We did though get the chance to visit Jacie who is one of the newer converts to the ward. We talked with her for a little bit and it's always interesting times with her. From there we had Chilean food with the Bejars, whatever in the world that is. They made some great quesadillas though so I definitely was digging that. Afterwards, we went with President Nehring up to Greenwood to teach Norma. Her husband Chris is a member and she has decided that it's time for herself to be baptized also and she has such a strong testimony that she just never knew she had. We set a baptisimal date for October 19th. :) On the way home, President Nehring got a call that two kids at Institute were sick so we stopped by their and helped out with that! We got in at 10:36, we are supposed to be in BED at 10:30, WHOOPS.

WEDNESDAY: Went in the morning with Brother Sanchez to visit and teach Norma again. We breezed through two lessons and it all went swell. After that we went to teach Luis Jaimez and he actually read in the BOM and it was so cool! Who knows what else will happen but it was cool to see him actually keep a commitment. Like I've said before, Arturo y Ana used to own a Mexican restaurant and since Wednesday was Ana's birthday, we went with them out to dinner at their old restaurant. It was SOOOOOOO good. Divinely good. SO GOOD. The tacos were perfect. I had 10 of them. They changed my life. Arturo said it's his recipes, he is a freaking amazing cook! Then for dessert we had Tres Leches cake (3 Milk) and that is seriously my favorite cake now. It is perfect!

THURSDAY: Helped Sister Nehring in the morning out in the yard and then had weekly planning after. I got a great package from Lauren and it had the cutest family pictures!! Got to have dinner with the Richards and taught a lesson with our newest investigators Karina and Ben. It was a great lesson!

FRIDAY: Zoooooone training!!! We learned more about how to work with members and it was great and really productive. After the training we went and taught Norma again and then they feed us this Argentinian food Milanesa, SOOOOO GOOD. Oh my goodness it's crazy the things hispanics can cook! We had a dinner scheduled right after that but thank goodness it cancelled! So we just headed home and did some studies and all our lessons fell through so we visited a referral we had and he was a Jehovah's Witness so we had the usual talk there. Those are always fun though, I enjoy them. I learned that their Bible they take out a lot of the verses. It was really weird to learn. 

SATURDAY: General Conference! A missionaries dream! The talks the morning session were SOOOOO good. It's crazy being a missionary and seeing how everything is about missionary work! After the first session we went with the Sisters and the 2nd Ward Bishop to lunch at a Mexican restaurant and he paid for us so that was super sweet! Marcelino was in town because he needed to exchange something at the local pawn shop so we went and helped him communicate because he knows no English. He then came with us after to a session of General Conference and loved it :)  After the second session we just visited people and one of our investigators was absolutely wasted out of his mind. 8 beers and he was smoking who knows what. He was talking to us and was like an inch away, he totally had no sense of distance. He then started just randomly hugging us and he started to speak in English. It was bizarre. He asked how to pronounce my name for some reason and when I said it he started yelling "YEAHHHHH MAN!" He then proceeded to tell us he was drunk as if we couldn't tell and then started apologizing profusely. Interesting. We then returned to the church for pizza and watched the Priesthood Session. 

SUNDAY: General Conference part 2. Luncheon at the Church. Took district pictures. Killed off Elder Isaacson (when a missionary is about to go home you take a "death" picture, his was being killed by a star on a christmas tree). No investigator lessons today, all fell through so we went and visited a part-member family Catalina y David and just had a great time chatting and what not. She gave us hot cocoa and bread.

AND NOW FOR THE FEATURE PRESENTATION.... So last night we got "THE CALL", which is when we find out who is being transferred, who is staying, and whether either of us will be training or what not. SOOOO....
My trainer Elder Oliva is.... LEAVING. Sad to see him go. I am so thankful for my trainer. I was truly blessed. 
I am...... STAYING. YAY! I am so glad for more time here in Columbus, especially with a baptism in 2 weeks!!

Anyways, running out of time so I gotta send the family pictures. Bye!


me and elder oliva dressing up.
my new nametag because groseclose is too hard for hispanics.
the taco sign in arturo's old restaraunt 
Arturo singing Te Amo (i love you) to Ana!
Arturo y Ana's kids!
Elder Oliva and I made a rap and so we got an award.... lol
Our district!
Catalina y David. They didn't smile because they are too cool. Haha
Columbus :)

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