Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 20!

I think my sister told me it's Week 20, so I'll go with that. 
WEEK 20.

That makes me like almost a fifth of the way done, that's weird. Seems like it's been forever but it also feels like I am almost home. Ha. 

So like, the longer you are in the field the more you realize that you just simply cannot do an organized weekly email anymore. So much random things happen and you forget what goes with what day and it's just a mess. Every week is pretty much go out and explode and then you have PDay and do it all again. Haha. Anyways, something cool: We got an email from President and he said by MAY (so yes like 7 months) every companionship will have 2 iPad Minis and and iPhone. You will be able to have Facebooks and Skype and you can teach Skype lessons you people you know from HOME that may be interested in the Gospel. A missionary in Florida, for example, is teaching his non-member mom over Skype, SAY WHAT?!?! It just like makes my mind blow up. I cannot even comprehend it lol. 

Anyways, so for some weekly highlights:
-Visited Catalina and David and got to talking about the "Don't add or diminish from this book" scriptures and it was cool to see how misinterpreted it is and it was cool to learn about the history behind the Bible. 
-We got fed 4 dinners in one day. Blah. WHILE BIKING. 
-Arturo y Ana still make us the most amazing food as always. So perfect. 
-We were biking and someone hung out the window and pointed and laughed at us and 10 seconds letter got pulled over by a cop. HAHA. 
-Helped Arturo with his landscaping job and he said he wants to come to lessons with us if we ever need a ride! 
-Played a prank on the other Elders into thinking the car was stolen and it was their fault.
-Knocked a trailor and asked a guy if he knew where any Spanish speakers lived and he started yelling at us to leave America and go look in Mexico and it was funny that he got so worked up about it hahaha.
-Had Arturo y Ana over at the Nehring's house and got to roast marshmallows with them and share a GC talk! 
-Norma got baptized on Saturday!!! 
-Arturo stayed all 3 hours at church :)

Have a great week my beloved family and friends. 

Elder Groseclose

ps: i speak spanish. weird.

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