Monday, November 4, 2013

Uh..... whoops I ran out of time.
Quickest recap ever for the past week:

- Cleaned Sister Lopez' garage for 3 hours. Sound exciting?

Oh.... the computer just refreshed my time. Well, this is awkward now because I was totally digging the idea of a quick and easy update. But uhhhh, okay lemme give a LITTLE more info...

On Tuesday we had a lesson with our now returning (YAY!!!!) less actives and we brought Arturo with us and they totally got along and it was so awesome to see! On the way home Arturo got us snacks and hot chocolate (he was totally making jokes about buying Tea and Coffee because we just taught him WOW, haha!) He then asked us to go over Baptismal Interview questions and tithing with him! So he decided to exercise faith and paid tithing yesterday! So cool to see. 

Wednesday was the Halloween Party at the church. Fun stuff. 

Thursday was Halloween but it got postponed due to a severe storm lol.Definitely not in California anymore. haha. We also had interviews with president and they went swiiiiimmingly. Tracted and got nothing in some crazy crazy rain. These older ladies stopped and tried to give me their umbrella so I wouldn't get sick!  So FRIDAY was Halloween and we had a Zone Meeting and then went to Norma and Cris and taught about Temple Baptisms and had dinner and then had to be in early for the night due to Halloween. So we handed out candy and discussed doctrine with Sis Nehring. fun life.

Saturday we did brick stacking service with Arturo and then he took us to his taqueria for lunch. yum yum yum yummmmm. We then had dinner at his house later that day and taught more about tithing with Ana there.

Yesterday was fast sunday. Pretty chill day. I can't think right now. Sorry. whoooops. Totally bomb dot com good testimony meeting and we had Arturo y Ana, Karina, y Marcelino all attend church. Then that night we taught Karina, well actually we just answered lots of questions she had. wheeeee. good times.

So that was my week in a nutshell. Don't worry, I am more descriptive in my journal, I just get all lazy sometimes. I don't know what I am actually saying anymore. Can I just write to you all in Spanish. It is just easier sometimes.

Yo espero que ustedes tengan una buena semana y cuidense muuuuucho.
deuces (that's english lol)
elder groseclose

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