Monday, November 11, 2013

Okayyyy. So that weekly letter thing time! I am just gonna give highlights as always. My mom always begs for more details but like.... Mom we just knock doors and hear white people say "Leave us alone" and the Hispanics say "No but you can have some water." Like not too much details to give!!! :P

Anyways, with that aside, pretty awesome week!

On Monday was preparation day and we just hung out at the Nehring's house (where I live) with the other Elders and played Ping-Pong and Spies and Rebels (shout out to BYU friends!! I really wish we could play Murder in the Dark again!!) Then as we were about to leave to go out and bike at the end of Preparation Day, Arturo pulls up randomly and then proceeds to take us to his house and he gives us some AMAZING Salsa Verde Enchiladas and then we read with him in the Book of Mormon, because as we all know, the Isaiah chapters are HARD!

Tuesday was another exchange and once again I stayed in Spanish.... lol. We had district meeting and then a little district picnic after. That night as Knudsen and I were biking this girl somewhere in her twenties yells "Hey Morons! Morons!" and so of course we go say hi and talk with her because at least she isn't running or hiding like most people when they see us LOL. So turns out she was hammered drunk beyond belief and it was just hilarious and it was a fun discussion we had and then she proceeded to try and drunk hug us.... We then had Arturo pick us up and take us to Hernan Y Yesenia's and we watched the John Tanner movie and they made absolutely PERFECTLY DELICIOUS DIVINE LIFE CHANGING AMAZING PERFECTTTTT milanasa. No words can sufficiently describe the taste. YUM. We then went to Arturo's house and talked about scripture study with him!

Wednesday was a hard day, but at least Shawna fed us some Chili!

Thursday was service, planning, Hernan y Yesenia again for dinner, and then we taught Karina w/ Brother Creasy and committed her to baptism Dec. 21 and she accepted. She is so prepared. :)

Friday we were missionaries, okay? I just want to get to Saturday!!!

OKAY SATURDAY. AMAZING DAY. We tracted in the morning and it was useless and then we tried to contact people and it was in vain. Whatever, no biggy. We then went by the Mijango's because they are back from Guatemala and she got us really cool street vendor bookmarks from there! And then..... So last Sunday, Arturo signed up to feed us so like all week we were just working towards reaching our Saturday dinner with them so we could invite him to a baptismal date. So we were so excited for this dinner. We get there and Arturo invited the Nehrings, Bro. Bartnett, and the Pellegrinos over for dinner (the members he is closest with). So we were all excited because it was gonna be some huge dinner with a lot of empanadas and before we started eating, we all gather together to say the prayer and Arturo says:
"So the reason I gathered all of you here today is because I have an announcement for everyone," I start dying and all nervous and excited "I have decided I am going to be baptized, and I want to do it as soon as possible that way Elder Groseclose will still be here and not be transferred yet." Words cannot explain the joy that everyone had in that moment and the joy that I felt, I had absolutely NO WORDS in that moment. I was bright red I bet. It was honestly one of the most amazing moments of my life. It is TRULY so amazing the work that we do as missionaries. No matter how hard all the tracting, lack of sleep, and everything may be, they are completely lost the second you see someone taking the steps that you KNOW will bring them pure happiness. It's unbelievable how much you grow to love the people. Arturo's baptism is completely all for him but knowing that I helped him there and that I was a part of someones conversion is so amazing. Ahhh! So next Sunday at 5! :D

Sorry that was so scatter brained ^ It's hard to put words together about the experience. You truly cannot understand the feeling until you've gone through all the experiences, trials, and hardships leading up to it. It's great to be a missionary.

Sunday was the primary program and Arturo's and Karina's kids were in it, so cool. :) 

So like I am flustered now haha, so I will close!

Love you all!
Elder Groseclose!

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