Monday, November 25, 2013

Okayyyyy let's see here....
Day 174 or something like that.
So today is P-Day, but it's not...
So we have preparation day today from 10-1 and then we have "the rest of Preparation Day" on Thursday from 1 to the end of the night due to Thanksgiving. Pretty weird but whatever.

First item of business, IT IS COLD. IT IS SO COLD. Humid cold just like touches your face and begins to murder you. Pretty awful. It's intensified by being on a bike and just taking in the wind as you go. BLAH.

So after P-Day activities last week we spent the night doing FHE with the Hammond's and it was fun. They do them in a really fun way and gave me ideas for when I have my family! 

On Wednesday, even though we were both staying, Elder Barrio and I got to go to Transfer Meeting, biggest one ever in the mission, it was crazy! They split every zone in half so there are so many more zone leaders and zones and it's crazy.I got to see Brett and Elder Oliva so that was fun, Elder Oliva goes home in 3 weeks! 
We then had lunch at Panda!!! I haven't been in AGES!!!! We got to drive by the temple being constructed in Carmel also. :D After that we went by Norma and had Milanesa with her and Cris, so good! 

On Tuesday we took Arturo to a lesson and it was so cool having him there as a member! :D

On Wednesday we had district meeting with the new district and then went to a really yummy noodle shop called Noodles and Company and got this Spicy Peanut Sauce pasta, no clue but it was good!  We then had dinner with Arturo y Ana and taught about doing missionary work!

Also on Friday we had a dinner/lesson with Karina at Arturo's house and we got to teach them both and it was cool to have them altogether. :)

On Saturday Norma went to the temple and loved it! Hernan y Yesenia also went so it was all pretty special for me. :) 

Yesterday Arturo was confirmed in church :D He says he already feels the difference! Brother Hammond then went with us to Seymour to visit Less Actives and a recent convert in the English Ward out there who speaks Spanish!

Other than that, just another week.
I will try to stay warm....

Have fun! Happy Thanksgiving!

-Elder Groseclose 

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