Monday, November 18, 2013

Ummmmm.... day 167. which means like when you go off dates, i am home in 18 months. weird stuff like that man. Okkkkkayyyy, this week was probably the longest week of my mission. Everything was SLOOOOOW and Elder Barrio and I felt sick and sore and pretty much the word I am looking for is: dead. Anyways, as I type this and yawn, let us begin:

Monday: Zone Preparation Day! Which means a bunch of missionaries came together to do stupid things like throw balls at each other and try to catch them and dodge them at the same time (DODGEBALL), throw a circle into another circle while bouncing the circle in order to get closer to the other circle (BASKETBALL), running full speed at each other while we try to kick a ball into a chair (CHAIR SOCCER), and Volleyball (like the perfect sport). So after all this business we were all ridiculously sore and in store for a week of feeble knees and biking, yippee! We had FHE with the Mijango's and they made Milanesa and just like... it's so divine I can't even put words together..... 

Tuesday: So tuesday we had District Meeting and then exchanges so I was with Elder Harris who actually goes home tomorrow. Weird.... Anyways we just walked around and taught no one because whatever, bad day of finding. We just sang songs all day. chill. We then went to Golden Corral for dinner with a member and then gave Hernan a blessing because he my BOY and then we had Arturo's Baptism Interview and I got to translate in it and it was just totally cool man. Oh, and then he asked me to speak at his baptism so like yeahhhhh. 

Don't even talk to me about Wednesday. We tracted in what may as well have been Antarctica for 6 hours aight? We eventually got to go eat with Hernan y Yesenia though and watch Mountain of the Lord.

Thursday. Pretty chill day. Woke up and did the usually studying business. Then we did service chopping down trees for the Nehring's like the usual things. Eventually we had weekly planning and then ate at the Hind's and then had an awesomeeeee Word of Wisdom lesson with my bestie Karina! So gooooood.

Friday. LOL. What a day man. Shootout to my girls Tayler Delaney Erica and Kelsey for being in my really weird missionary dream and Kelsey for calling me daddy in it, HA! :P Went with Shawnna to China Buffet for lunch. Anyways so we went to Seymour and it was fruitless. Talked to this guy who was scared of the BOM because he thought God would kill him if he read it so like..... lol.  Then our dinner appointment calls us and pretty much describes to us that she has leprosy, so needless to say, we cancelled that. We then went to Hernan y Yesenia and hung out and gave blessings again and Elder Barrio and I both almost passed out and we felt SOOOO sick. So we went home early and went straight to bed at 8:30, but I didn't fall asleep until midnight. awful. awful.

Saturday. Ummmm I don't really remember what we did. Ummmm. Ya sorry I am drawing a blank here. My bad my bad! We did have Stake Conference Adult session in Indy though!

Sundayyyy. MAN WHAT A COOL DAY. We had SC in the morning again and then after we went and made the Baptismal Program and filled the font and then went home for break. While we are there, out of NOWHERE comes this loud siren coming from who knows where and just blares across all of Columbus saying a tornado is coming. It was like God was speaking from the clouds so bizarre. So I was all excited for it and everyone else is freaking out lol. We almost postponed the baptism an hour but Arturo was already at the church! So we then continued with it and everyone came and right as the service started THE TORNADO CAME. EXCUSE ME AS I USE CAPS BUT DANG MAN IT WAS CRAZY. YOU COULDN'T SEE ANYTHING EXCEPT DUST AND WIND AND FLYING TREES! MOBILE HOMES WERE FLYING IN THE AIR AT THE TRAILOR PARK. IT WAS CRAZY. IT WAS SO COOL. OH MY GOSH MAN LIKE DANG I HAVE NO WORDS. THAT TORNADO WAS CRAZY. Anyways, I gave my talk at the baptism on Focusing on the Important Things and it went well and Arturo was baptized and we had a dinner after at his house and it was all so amazing. Ahhhh, so cool to be a part of.


Arturo's baptism! 
Arturo y Ana and their kids
Elder Groseclose y Norma 
Herman y Yesenia so special to me. less actives that i worked with for 4 months and are now reactivating :)
The district

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