Monday, September 23, 2013

Day 111!

Day 111! Wow! The days seem to never end and the weeks fly by, it's quite bizarre. It kind of also blows my mind que yo puedo hablar espanol. It's weird when I can just randomly break in between spanish and english. Like I will just be talking and spanish will randomly just roll into my English. I even am starting to say English words in Spanish accent. Like the word family now sounds like "fawmlee" I crack myself up, haha. The letter A makes an "aw" sound and I just can't shake it out of my English! Anyways,

Monday: Well, Preparation Day. I won the Badminton tournament. The Olympics better watch out, I'm really coming along in my great skills. Ha. Went to go pick up my bike from the sisters and it turned out one of the sisters popped my tire and totally tried to fix it but failed miserably. So I flushed another 10 dollars down the toilet for that one. Went to Familia Vaiz and it was interesting. We essentially just watched a Spanish soap opera with them for 15 minutes, they said I look fatter, and we left. Hahahaha. Totally unproductive, whoops!

Tuesday: We had zone conference and it was 8 hours long so that was a hefty amount of thinking I had to do for a substantial amount of time. Sure don't miss academics, ha! It was a super good conference though and I am excited to see how it helps my missionary work! That night we just ate at home and while we were eating, the little girl Hannah that lives with us (4) told Elder Oliva he has a really dark face and looks funny and I was dying laughing and her mom totally swoops in and says "That's because his family are lamanites, isn't that cool Hannah?" and then she was totally amazed thinking he is some Book of Mormon hero now! After, we went to teach an investigator Ulices and he was working on fixing his closet so we went with him to Lowe's to buy supplies and he totally wanted me to drive his old El Dorado 
car and I was so sad that we aren't allowed to, it's such a sick car!

Wednesday: District meeting! I had the idea that we could all share something instead of just the District Leader and so we did and it was so awesome! I loved it! Everyone had great things to share. After, the entire district went to Zwanzigs for pizza and it was so fun to all hang out! As we were driving back home, we saw Arturo working on a roof and stopped and said hi and set up an appointment to teach him that night. Later that day we went by to teach Zaida and we gave her a priesthood blessing, my first ever in Spanish. Crazy! For dinner we went to the Mijango's and they had  CHINESE TAKE OUT! I was so excited I almost cried! We then went with Brother Mijango to teach Arturo y Ana but Arturo was still working so we only taught Ana.

Thursday: So Thursdays we do lots of service and weekly planning so it's not too busy but for our service we worked in the yard with Sister Nehring. We were sawing branches off trees and planting grass and a HUUUUUUUUUUUGE storm came. It was AMAZING. I cannot begin to describe it. I have never seen anything even NEAR what it was like. It was so crazy cool. I just stood outside in it basking in the rain. It was crazy. SOOOO much rain. The rain in Indiana is incredible. It's weird because it's slightly humid hot rain, but whatever! We went by the Panaderia later that day to try and teach them but it didn't work out so we just got some yummy orange muffins and left. Then we had dinner at the Richard's house and I helped coach their daughter Katie in Volleyball and I was so sentimental, haha! 

Friday: Did service in the morning in Sister Lopez' garden. Mowed her lawn and we are starting to rebrick the side of her house, what a joy. We then went to teach Zaida but a huge storm came and we couldn't because we have to teach her outside. It's sad how we always get rained out from teaching her! The rest of the day nothing really happened so we just proselyted outside a mexican tienda and then that night we went and watched some of the 
Columbus North FB game. It was homecoming and like no one was there. Their parade was just the four floats and it just reminded me of how awesome Liberty is at Homecoming! We do it way better than anyone ever can! They let us free into the game and kept trying to give us seats on the field haha. I think they thought we were the security guards or something in our white shirts and ties. 

Saturday: In the morning we went and taught one of our investigators Raul and he sang us songs he wrote and played his guitar and it was coooooolio. That night we just had dinner at the Taqueria and taught Ulices about Chastity and he loved it and said he will talk to his girlfriend about getting married, so cool! Oh, I was dancing in the car and I said "giggin" and now Elder Oliva says it all the time. He is like a little kid, he repeats everything nonstop, haha.

Sunday: None of our investigators were at church.... Super sad about that.... I gave a talk in church too, so I was bummed. It was crazy how I managed to write a talk all by myself in Spanish. I blow my mind sometimes. After church we taught Francisco and then went to Felix y Angelica's to give him a blessing and of course when they got there, they had us stay for dinner too. The hispanics never stop feeding us. It's bizarre. Hispanics LOVE to cook for people.

Wow, long email. Long week. Fun week. Missionary work is crazy, but I love it. I get homesick for a second and then I realize how lucky I am to be a missionary. The work is hard and fun. What a paradox! I am grateful for the mini miracles that I get to see everyday! Well, until next week!

Hasta luego!
Elder Jeffrey Aaron Groseclose

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